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SYTYCD ~ Mini-Group 1: Top 14 Perform Travis Wall choreography to Beck’s “Wave.”

7 young men dancing in concert like liquid power.

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet‬‏



Alex OWNES it!!

SYTYCD: Alex Wong and Twitch dance a Hip Hop routine
choregraphed by Napolean and Tabitha!!!

Music – Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon ft. LMFAO.

Update: It seems that the embedding feature has been disabled, so click on the image togo directly to Youtube.


🙂 :: H/T, Thanks for the lead Gemini


This is simply beautiful. Love the music, bboys, and the amazing choreography.

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zHawt!!! SYRYCD 09 Paso Doble

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This is an amazing performance turned in by both Jeanine Mason and Brandon Bryant. Jeanine was ultimately given the title as America’s Favorite Dancer at the conclusion of the Fifth Season of So You Think You Can Dance‘s finale. Congratulations Jeanine!!