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Quixotic : Lux Esalare | Promo Reel

Ever wish teleportation was real? I certainly do after happening on Quixotic while following threads of M’chelle deMars a few days ago and discovering what’s happenin’ in Kansas City.

Quixotic is an ensemble of musicians, dancers, aerialists, composers, designers, and choreographers collaborating to produce new forms of artistic expression. This inventive group of artists goes beyond the limits of any specific art form to create a total sensory experience for its audience. Quixotic makes performance art interactive and eliminates the barrier between performer and audience.

Quixotic was founded in Kansas City in 2004 by award-winning sound designer & visual artist Anthony Magliano and by award-winning dancer/choreographer Keelan Whitmore. Also excited to read about Sonya Tayeh’s working with the talents on their blog.

🙂 :: more videos at Vimeo.

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