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One Billion Rising 2014

Very proud to have participated in bringing VDay’s One Billion Rising event together for another great day. This year’s theme was Justice, so we decided to host the party in the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City to make our presence known at the state capitol. Nice turnout too!

Asha performed a Blessing as an invocation:

The Bridge at Hoover Dam

© 2009-2010 Jamey Stillings

Last Spring, on a road trip to visit Myra in Santa Fe, I was jaw-droppingly surprised to see for the first time the colossal construction of a bridge hovering high over Hoover Dam and spanning the Colorado River.  It is immense, and breathtaking but my feeble attempt to capture its scale just couldn’t be managed from a moving vehicle… I’ve heard the radio announcements this week talking up its ceremonial opening scheduled for next week. I cannot imagine what the experience for the first travelers to cross it will be like, thrilling no doubt.

Fortunately, Jamey Stillings has done an amazing documentation and created a site to display his work.  Go check out The Bridge at Hoover Dam

“Duel Nature” Art Installation

Downtown Reno will host a temporary home for sculptor artist Kate Raudenbush‘s “Duel Nature” at the corner of Sierra Street & Island Avenue as a feature of the upcoming Artown Festival. The large steel and mirror sculpture was previously exhibited at Burning Man in 2006, and is being brought back to Nevada through a collaboration of the Civic Art Program of the Black Rock Arts Foundation, the non-profit art organization of Burning Man, and The City of Reno Arts and Culture Commission’s grant program.

An Opening Celebration will take place on May 21, 2010 at the installation site at 5pm. The festivities will include appetizers and wine provided by the Sierra Arts Foundation Gallery; Hoola-Hoop Jam performances by bohohoops and Velocity Movement [BYOHs!]; and fire-spinning by Controlled Burn after dark.

The Season’s fun begins!

🙂 :: photo: Kate Raudenbush

2010 Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive & Festival promotional video!

Join Las Vegas Septem­ber 9-12, 2010 for the largest bel­ly dance event in Neva­da! This year we are proud to be mov­ing to the historic Flamin­go Ho­tel & Casi­no and adding a new con­test and a track of class­es for drum­mers! Ad­di­tion­al­ly, we are ex­cit­ed to have more than 35 in­struc­tors including Princess Farhana, John Compton, Asharah, Fahtiem, Aradia of Las Vegas, and Moria Chappell of the Bellydance Superstars. It’s all the FUN you’ve grown to love: cocktail parties, shopping, shows, contests, live music, Elvis, festival performances, and more!!

🙂 :: Bellydance Intensive

Crisis Call Center’s Challenge

Hello Doves!

For this month only, I’ve added a side widget in the right-hand column as a voting method for my agency’s pilot Crisis Intervention Texting Program – Sorry, couldn’t get it sized appropriately, hence the scroll panes…

Our project is currently underway in a few selected communities statewide as we iron out details. It will be the first such program nationally to develop and integrate emerging technologies with social service interventions.

As a means of broadening our development, we’ve enrolled in the pepsi refresh project grants. The top ten highest ranked projects between now and May 31st will receive funding awards. We’re hoping for additional underwriting to assist us with this ambitious endeavor. So please spread it around.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a product endorsement, and I receive no personal gain.

You can read our project’s profile here, and how the award program works here.

* Create the Nations first Crisis intervention texting program

We want to create a software program where people can text into and have a texting conversation with our trained crisis line employees. This will help them get through Suicidal thoughts, report CPS, EPS, domestic violence, sexual assault and bullying cases and find information and support they need. By doing this we have created a service for the deaf and hard of hearing that has never been offered before. Teens and “generation Y” can text in their crisis by using technology to help save lives. This program is only being used in England and South Africa and will be the first texting program in the Nation. This program will help lead the way for other call centers around the country and could potentially save thousands of lives.


I am one luck man.  What gentleman would not be surrounded by these lovelies?

Over the week-end Asha was scheduled to perform between sets with Contraband up in historic Virginia City and thanks to our Holly we booked some after-hour time at Silver Sadie’s Old Time Photos. We had such a good time and spent nearly two and half hours playing – Thank you Karla!!

It was bitter cold outside, but I think we made some new friends and had plenty of warmth from the band members and the crowd. A+!!

Local Color

This is a clip from a National Geographic special titled The Haunted West, depicting Gerlach in 1972.Gerlach, NV, about 107 miles north of Reno is the home to the Burning Man Festival each year.

more about “haunted_west_gerlach.m4v“, posted with vodpod

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance weekend – January 16-17

From Allison:

First of all, I am happy to announce that we are going to be having a Hafla (belly dance party) on the evening on the 16th from 7-10pm. There will be local vendors selling belly dance costumes and accessories, as well as performances by myself, and many other local dancers and troupes. We are even going to have some surprise special guests from out of the area. It is going to be a really fun time. Even if you can’t make the workshop, the Hafla is FREE, and I would strongly encourage you to attend and invite all your friends. If you are interested in performing, message me to register.

(Solo performances are limited to 6 minutes, and group performances are limited to 12 minutes.)

There have been some questions about the costume making workshop. If you are only interested in attending the workshop on the 17th, I will offer an early registration discount for $50, if signed up before Jan. 4th.

If you are planning on attending the zils workshop on the 16th, and would like me to provide zils for you, you MUST register no later than the 4th of January, so that I may order them.

You can also purchase your own zils at the Melting Pot. If you do, be sure to get the kind that have two slits in the top for the elastic, instead of a single hole. If anybody needs me to clarify this further, do not hesitate to contact me.
Finally, remember to take advantage of the early holiday discount of $85 before Dec. 22nd. You can make this payment in two installments, paying $45 before Dec. 22nd, and the remainder on the day the workshop starts.
You can contact me via Facebook, to register.

I’m really excited to be offering this workshop. It’s going to be an amazing weekend. Looking forward to dancing with you all.

Many thanks,
Allison Prater


of snow!  Just had to…