From Allison:

First of all, I am happy to announce that we are going to be having a Hafla (belly dance party) on the evening on the 16th from 7-10pm. There will be local vendors selling belly dance costumes and accessories, as well as performances by myself, and many other local dancers and troupes. We are even going to have some surprise special guests from out of the area. It is going to be a really fun time. Even if you can’t make the workshop, the Hafla is FREE, and I would strongly encourage you to attend and invite all your friends. If you are interested in performing, message me to register.

(Solo performances are limited to 6 minutes, and group performances are limited to 12 minutes.)

There have been some questions about the costume making workshop. If you are only interested in attending the workshop on the 17th, I will offer an early registration discount for $50, if signed up before Jan. 4th.

If you are planning on attending the zils workshop on the 16th, and would like me to provide zils for you, you MUST register no later than the 4th of January, so that I may order them.

You can also purchase your own zils at the Melting Pot. If you do, be sure to get the kind that have two slits in the top for the elastic, instead of a single hole. If anybody needs me to clarify this further, do not hesitate to contact me.
Finally, remember to take advantage of the early holiday discount of $85 before Dec. 22nd. You can make this payment in two installments, paying $45 before Dec. 22nd, and the remainder on the day the workshop starts.
You can contact me via Facebook, to register.

I’m really excited to be offering this workshop. It’s going to be an amazing weekend. Looking forward to dancing with you all.

Many thanks,
Allison Prater