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Video: Studio Mangiameli

Quejíos – Cries In The Air Promo from Chiara Mangiameli on Vimeo.


Romani flamenco! A dance against authority! A dance for Roma!

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Update: Found this amazing video of Carmen on Youtube:

Joaquin & Antonio Mulero

Their precision is fantastic. Can’t decide if the poor video adds or detracts from the overall effect.


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Gaudi – Babylon Flamenco

Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana en ABRAPALABRA 2009 – Ensayos

Carmen Amaya y su troupe por Bulerias – 1961



On a roll and discovering all kinds of well done riches.


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Flamenco song, dance and guitar by Ramon Ruiz and Anita la Maltesa. London based artists and teachers.

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El perro andaluz:

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An Andalusian Dog , Maria Pagés Bulerías release Euskalduna Bilbao, 2001.

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Amazing Dance by Joaquín Cortés:

A scene from the film “Suaran Flamenco”.

Vicente Amigo – Alegrias Con Baile (Flamenco Guitar)


Vicente Amigo & Rafael Campallo de Huelva.

Dancing starts at about the 1:50 mark.

Yasmin Levy’s Ladino-Flamenco Fusion

Great music history lesson on World Music Blog: Ladino is the language of the Jews who lived in Spain for 1500 years until their expulsion in 1492 by Isabella and Ferdinand. After that traumatic separation, the Jews migrated to various areas, and the language incorporated words from countries all across the Ottoman Empire. Yasmin Levy’s father was a Sephardic Jew from Turkey, and Ladino was spoken by her parents. She learned to sing and loved the repertoire from an early age, but her incorporation of Flamenco into her interpretations has stirred controversy among purists. However, Yasmin is a charismatic and passionate advocate for the language and music, and feels that the best way she can help her beloved Ladino to survive is to make the songs more accessible.

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Music: Juan De Lerida

You may or not be into Flamenco or Spanish guitar, but I just discovered Juan De Lerida. His latest album Quimeras is a fantastic listen. What’s your newest musical find?


I’ve ordered a pair of Rosewood Castanets!

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Flamenco at 5:15

This Oscar-winning film is a visual and emotional thriller. It is an impressionistic record of a flamenco dance class given to senior students of the National Ballet School of Canada by two great teachers from Spain, Susana and Antonio Robledo. The film shows the beautiful young North American dancers–inspired by the flamenco rhythms and mesmerized by Susana’s extraordinary energy–joyously merging with an ancient gypsy culture.

Opre Roma: Gypsies in Canada

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This documentary celebrates the vibrant culture and tenacious struggle of the Canadian Gypsy and introduces a new generation of Roma who claim their roots with pride. They call themselves by their rightful name, the Roma.

The extreme oppression the Roma face worldwide is truly indefensible. This is a very remarkable glimpse into their North American culture.

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