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Quick Crew – Rolling Stone by The Weeknd

I like the camera work alot in this piece. 🙂

“ANONYMOUS” By: Jiří Kylián

This piece by Jiří Kylián!!!!!!  Suggest keeping the sound kinda low-ish until prepared.  I had headphones on and got quite a start.



White Caps

White Caps, posted with vodpod

I love this project! Have been following the team for a while now, and I’m glad to see it getting more attention recently. White Caps sold out it’s second run at the Bristol Old Vic in the UK last October they’ve gone out on tour. After performing in Portugal and Holland the show returned to the UK this past weekend with two nights at Birmingham’s DanceXchange.

🙂 :: “Stronger” is an extract from White Caps has been screening around the world over the last year. Now the official selection for over 15 festivals across the globe its been seen by audiences in Chile, Spain, Germany, Finland, France, England, Portugal, Italy, Holland and the US. You can see Stronger @ whitecaps.tv.

Fort Funston

A quick little video improv by Quinn Wharton at Fort Funston:

Fort Funston, posted with vodpod

🙂 :: He’s also a very talented photographer

The World’s Day of Dance

Is coming soon! This year UNESCO’s International Day of Dance falls on a Friday. It would be wonderful to mark the day in some special way.

Here’s the official message for World Dance Day – 29 April 2011:


“For the greatest part of the history of mankind dance was taking place outdoors. People would gather in forest glades, village squares, churchyards, or on threshing floors, to enjoy dancing for hours on end. Nowadays dance is mostly taking place in ballrooms, clubs, theatres, school halls, studios and discotheques.

This year we propose making a step towards nature by celebrating World Dance Day in open spaces: streets, squares, parks, stadiums, beaches, parking lots, clearings – anywhere under the sky.

The urge to dance is a natural impulse, dancers worship nature in their way, they connect with the universe and feel its juices trickle into them.

All through the year we teach dance, we rehearse, we perform within four walls. On this special day dedicated to dance, let us mark the difference by practising, teaching or performing for everyone to see. It might be cold and rainy, the floor is certainly not good enough, the wind takes the music away, but the beauty in those movements and the joy on those faces will brighten the hearts of the spontaneous audience of passers-by.”

Prof. Alkis Raftis
President of the International Dance Council CID


And this beautiful quote from Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker and an excerpt from one of her pieces:

“I think dance celebrates what makes us human. When we dance we use, in a very natural way, the mechanics of our body and all our senses to express joy, sadness, the things we care about.

People have always danced to celebrate the crucial moments of life and our bodies carry the memory of all the possible human experiences. We can dance alone and we can dance together. We can share what makes us the same, what makes us different from each other.

For me dancing is a way of thinking. Through dance we can embody the most abstract ideas and thus reveal what we cannot see, what we cannot name.

Dance is a link between people, connecting heaven and earth. We carry the world in our bodies. I think that ultimately each dance is part of a larger whole, a dance that has no beginning, and no end.”




Atelic, posted with vodpod


“State of Darkeness” Restaged by Peter Boal

The Australian Ballet “Trace” Live – Sideshow Alley

Wayne McGregor’s “Entity”

This past week-end I downloaded from iTunes, and watched Wayne McGregor’s “Entity” – the most glorious full-length dance film that I’ve ever watched.  I lost count of the number of times that a huge grin erupted on my face as I watch with pure joy.
From the TenduTV Press Release:

“TenduTV has launched the ballet world into 2011 with the release of the first-ever concert dance performances on iTunes. The critically acclaimed programs Entity from Wayne McGregor|Random Dance and the Hans Van Manen Festival from Dutch National Ballet are now available for download to own and rent on iTunes in the United States and Canada. Also available is the award-winning documentary 40 Years of One Night Stands: The Story of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet…”

“For the first time, audiences can access great choreography as easily as they can any other form of art or entertainment,” said TenduTV Founder and General Manager, Marc Kirschner. “These releases are an important step forward for the field of concert dance, and we’re proud to be collaborating with two of the most innovative dance companies in the world in Wayne McGregor | Random Dance and the Dutch National Ballet…”

Wayne McGregor is a multi award-winning British choreographer, renowned for his physically testing choreography and ground-breaking collaborations across dance, film, music, visual art, technology and science. He is the Artistic Director of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance, Resident Company at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London and Resident Choreographer of The Royal Ballet.

🙂 :: He’s  a genius!


Update: Great Idea!! Nichelle at Dance Advantage has started a book club styled discussion for interested peeps on all things dance – videos included, and is launching the first such discussion on Wayne’s Entity.  The project is called Delight in Dance with Terpsichorus [button link on the sidebar] or here.  On February 24th, a new post will be posted to start the discussion/reactions to the work.

Entity is available for $3.99 rental or $14.99 permanent download on both iTunes and Amazon Video on Demand (U.S. and Canada) . In the UK and elsewhere, the DVD with additional features can be purchased for £9.99 at SadlersWells.com.

Portrait of an Acrobat

Good Company Arts was founded in 1997 and became known for its unique multidisciplinary approach to production, involving commissions of dance, visual art, costume design, new music, and film.

🙂 ::

Good Company Arts: Line Dances

Click image to watch

TenduTV is on Hulu

TenduTV announced on March 17th the launch of the digital Dance on Camera Festival on Hulu, at www.hulu.com/network/tendutv. The digital Dance on Camera Festival is an extension of the Dance Films Association’s Dance on Camera Festival (DOCF), which it has produced annually for the last 38 years, the last 14 of which have been co-presented with the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

TenduTV is a broadband channel focused exclusively on dance-related content. TenduTV can be found at Sling.com and TidalTV.com. I like their site for the articles and discussions on technology, and copyright and intellectual property issues.

TenduTV features programming from four distinct categories:

Performance Captures: Filmed recordings of live performances or works intended to be performed on stage.
Screendance: Also known as Dance film, or Dance for Camera, these works are typically only intended to be captured on film, and never performed in front of a live audience.
Documentaries: Interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and other features highlighting the impact of movement on people’s daily lives.
Original Programming: Shows produced exclusively by and for TenduTV.

“Through TenduTV’s platform partners, dance artists and organizations will be able to transport their vision beyond the physical theater and engage audiences through computers and 200 million digital devices including internet-enabled televisions, portable video players and mobile devices.”

Dance on Camera’s 2010 Tour Event schedule lists UNR as a possible stop, at present no date has been determined.

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