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The Human Experience

Listen :: A Winged Victory For The Sullen

This is gorgeous!

🙂 :: via Drowned in Sound

Los Rebujitos – I’m Dying To Hear Your Voice

Speaks to my heart.

Makyo – Mystic Fire

🙂 :: Dakini Records 2012, Live at GOA

That Voice! : Kaïssa


When I heard her voice for the first time, was spellbound. Her I Am So Happy Album is superb!

“immediately found myself mesmeried by her voice, beauty and her music. This was one woman whose music I was keen to find out more of and I was not dissapointed when I bought her songs on iTunes less than 5 minutes after watching a video of her song ‘Mamelodie’.”

🙂 :: More about here here: Afritorial/Kaissa

OMG! Concha Buika

My latest Ear Crush!

Javier Limon and Concha Buika – Oro Santo


🙂 :: Buika Music Facebook

Sephardic Cumbia

Watcha Clan – Tangos del Cachito

Concha Buika – No habrá nadie en el mundo

She has an amazing voice! Listening to her En Mi Piel disk is just amazing, like honey.

Concha Buika was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, her family came from Equatorial Guinea; she grew up among gypsy people. Ever since she was a child her musical talent was evident, but it was after a visit to London to study drama when, after being invited to a Pat Metheny concert that her life changed. From that moment she began her musical career. During the 1990s she took part in different productions, such as Ombra by La Fura Dels Baus and the soundtrack for the Spanish film Km.O. At the same time she composed several songs such as “Ritmo para voçé”, “Up to the Sky”, and “Loving You” (all of them house successes in Europe).

From November 2000 to March 2001 she sang at The Luxor, Harrah’s, and Gold Coast casinos in Las Vegas. She also performed as a guest singer at the Blue Note festival in the same city.

🙂 :: Official site:

DJ Rehka

British born, New York City based, DJ Rekha, DJ, curator, record label owner, educator and activist. Called the “Ambassador of Bhangra” by the New York Times and named one of the most influential South Asians by Newsweek, Rekha is among the first DJs to merge classic Bhangra and Bollywood sounds into the language of contemporary electronic dance music. Since establishing herself on the club scene with her inaugural event, Basement Bhangra at SOBs nightclub in 1997, Rekha has produced some of the longest running and most successful parties in New York including Bollywood Disco, and Mutiny. Rekha also produces a weekly radio show, Bhangra and Beyond on Her label, Beat Bazaar Music launched in November of 2011 with its first release, Pyar Baile.

🙂 ::

Nitin Sawhney – The Devil and Midnight (feat. Yolanda Quartey)


Nickodemus – Crazy Stranger Remix

Nickodemus “Crazy Stranger” (Thievery Corporation Remix) by NickodemusNYC


Recent arrivals that have knocked me over!

Natacha Atlas - Mounqaliba Rising: The Remixes

Amazing! A major keeper.

Midival Punditz - Hello Hello


Diana King - Tougher Than Love


🙂 :: Further thoughts:

No doubt you’ve noticed that I am in “Music mode”. My task today – one of them at any rate, was primarily aimed at putting together a playlist of my fav tunes for the wedding reception. I have HOURS of music that I love! but will it translate to a wedding party? yIkes!!

So, I sent out an email to asking for assist from close friends and what I got in return were suggestions from Frank Sinatra; ABBA, to the Village People; regular pop culture stuff that I typically don’t follow.

But look at what I’ve discovered in my travels! So perfect for my library, but for my party?

You tell me…

Why Can’t We Live Together?

RIP Troy Anthony Davis.

“Why Can’t We Live Together” feat Petra Phillipson by NickodemusNYC

🙂 ::

Ana Carolina e Seu Jorge

My heart just melted. again.

Amon Tobin ‘ISAM’ Live


🙂 :: Incredible.

‘ISAM’ is available now in a variety of formats, including a deluxe 2XLP / Limited Edition CD Artbook (featuring exclusive images and an essay by John Doran) / Digital / T-Shirt package.

Buy at the Ninjashop:
Buy at
Download on iTunes:


Psilogod – Exquisite Landscapes Mini-Mix

Psilogod – Exquisite Landscapes Mini-Mix (RenoEDM Mix April 11) by psilogod

Awesome! – Balkan Beat Box: “Blue Eyed Black Boy”

Tamir Muskat,Tomer Yosef, and Ori Kaplan bring their BBB sound to a new level of fusion and excitement. A mixture of afro-reggae, rock, hiphop, gypsy band, flamenco, cumbia, and a pinch of Bulgarian salsa had me grinning throughout my first listen. Really like this one!

“War Again” is an asymmetrical bit of Balkan dancehall reggae with MC Tomer Yosef delivering a powerful plea for peace over the massed ompah of the Orkestar Jovica Ajdarevica brass band. Orkestar Jovica is also featured on a couple of instrumentals — “Balcumbia,” adds Arab, flamenco, and cumbia beats to the mix, while “Smatron” gives Orkestar members a chance to show off their chops with lengthy solos delivered over a smooth, funky reggae beat. The title track is a lullaby for Yosef’s new son, a lilting reggae rocker with some striking spaghetti western twang. The song’s message of tolerance for people of all ethnicities and colors is still more a prayer than a reality, but it’s a timely nod to the multi-cultural society we now inhabit.”

🙂 :: WeLove-Music

Nitin Sawhney – Last Days of Meaning

“Last Days of Meaning” is Sawhney’s ninth studio album. Played by the legendary actor John Hurt, the album’s main character – Donald Meaning – is an embittered old Dickensian man, fearful of immigrants, terrorists and the outside world. He sits in a room raging against childhood memories, society, himself and a small tape recorder sent to him by his ex-wife. The cassette-recorder contains the songs of the album. A message of reflection, shared memory, empathy and ultimately hope. Featuring an array of galvanizing performances by singers and musicians alike, the new album is a response to the fear, dogmatism and entrenchment that we sometimes acquire with age.


🙂 :: Nitin Sawhney

High Pressure Low Frequencies

High Pressure Low Frequencies Promo Mix – May 2011 by The Living Graham Bond

🙂 :: The Living Graham Bond

From Night To The Edge Of Day

Azam Ali’s newest album “From Night To the Edge of Day” will be released on April 12th by Six Degrees Records. Beautiful Middle-Eastern Lullabies.

From her Artist’s page:

“Mothers have been singing, humming, soothing their children to sleep from time immemorial. Do not underestimate the power of the lullaby. When Azam Ali, the lead singer of the band Niyaz, became a mother in 2008, she felt that ancient pull. “I discovered that lullabies are so much more than just musical and rhythmic tools to soothe a child,” she explains. “They are in fact a powerful medium by which a mother can send direct messages to her child about life, nature, joy, pain, love, beauty, etc.”

This realization led to Azam Ali’s most personal, intimate album to date. From Night To the Edge of Day weaves traditional songs from around the Middle East into a nocturnal tapestry of electronics and traditional string and percussion instruments. Like a lullaby itself, this album is lovely, and comforting, yet tinged with melancholy. It is an acknowledgment of the sadness of the exile, and the universal wish that one’s child will grow up in a more peaceful world.”

🙂 :: You can listen to previews (and pre-order) of the album here: or read more about the artist and stream the tracks at:

The Light We Bring EP

Love and Light – The Light We Bring EP by Simplify Recordings

Project Tempo: Ain’t Nobody

Rufus & Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody Project Tempo Re-edit by Project Tempo

Bomb Squad Mix 005

Tribute to Nelson Mandela hosted by SHOCKLEE:



Jajouka Soundsystem- Salahadeen (Out 2/1/11 on Six Degrees Records) by Destroy All Concepts

Mugwort: Liminal Mix

This midtempo trip-hop ethno-crunk is AMAZING!

Liminal mix by Mugwort

Intro – a wise lady’s words
Ancient Book of the Way – Knowa Knowone
Worship the Sun – PantyRaid
The Lantern – Beats Antique
Ghazal – Niyaz
Yeah (Ina Dravidian Bombstep) feat. Juakali – Subswara
Blood of Gaza – Mauxuam
Original Nuttah – Jantsen and David Seied
Floor – Sevenark / Domhnaill Antaidh – Mary-Jane Lamond
Tuesday Again – Ooah
Certified Air Raid Material – Edit
Throbbin Hood – Eprom
Bird Brain – Metaphor
Olelo – Kaya Project
Purple and Orange (Audiovoid remix) – Welder
Logico – Dr Toast / Ill not Survive – Mary-Jane Lamond
Remembering Self – Ooah
Circuits of The Imagination, Linguistic Mystic – Shpongle
Pagan Dream Machine (Vibrasphere remix) – Entheogenic
Closer Than a Wandering Reptile – Djeeno (NIN rmx)
Invocation – Shpongle
Darkness – Phutureprimitive
Escape Artists – Seventh Swami
Land of the Lupes – Bassnectar
Snow Drift – Bluetech
Khana – Random Rab

🙂 :: Special Thanks Isaac!

Sunday Morning Sounds

“Rude Profile” – Fleck & Fish Finger (Pan Agnostix Flamenco-Step remix)
by SixDegreesRecords

“Rude Profile” – Fleck & Fish Finger (Pan Agnostix Flamenco-Step remix)
Exclusive remix from the full length compilation
Generation Bass presents: Transnational Dubstep
available on Six Degrees Records 2/1/2011

🙂 :: I’ve pre-ordered the full compilation!

Niyaz – Allahi Allah

Transnational Dubstep Teaser



Transnational Dubstep is the first major compilation to document the fusion of dubstep and global roots music. It has been conceptualised & compiled by co-owner/editor & the driving force behind the Generation Bass blog, DJ UMB in cooperation with Six Degrees Records. The record pulls together some of the most exciting new producers in electronic music who are incorporating sounds from around the planet with the bass bin shaking thump of dubstep.

By utilizing influences from Cumbia to Balkan- Chinese to Indian- Middle Eastern to Japanese- the songs on this unique collection represent the cutting edge vanguard of a whole new electronic sub-genre that is ready to capture the ears and imaginations of listeners world-wide.

🙂 :: h/t – Global Noize

Eskmo ‘We Got More’ (Official Video)

Cyriak Harris made a bizarre music video for “We Got More” by Eskmo using animated video clips.

Baglama Boxer — Music by Stereognosis

🙂 :: Stereognosis the hybrid