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Is it Important to Note Dances for the Future?


Can’t We Find Something New?


Personally, I am so over this whole Jules Verne thing…

Animated in Cardboard

Stop-Motion Modern Dance by Rogier Wieland

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Oh Man!


Technical difficulties resulted in the site being down and inaccessible for a few days, [Read as Yes, it was all my fault.] Although my original intent in customizing the site’s code didn’t quite gel, I am very relieved and pleased to have it recovered and running again… this time!

What exciting news did I miss?



Like a prayer

Beautiful Mercedes Benz Ad

I am the Left Brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic.
I know exactly who I am.

I am the Right Brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feet. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel.
I am everything I wanted to be.

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Becoming an artist means you lose the fear of what others think of you.

“Becoming an artist means you lose the fear of what others think of you. You realize that what people think of you is far less important than what you have to express and to share”

~ Francisco Gella

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I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street

Powerfully edited piece. “Hypocrisy has its own elegant symmetry”

Credit: Corey Ogilvie
Creative commons Non-Commercial, Attribution, No Derivative Works license. Pls message filmmaker for translations, which are very welcome : )

Stunning music by: Hauschka, song “Stumm (Kein Wort)”
Music Label: Karaoke Kalk label based in Berlin

Including amazing shots from Alex Mallis –
and Kristopher Rae –

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Benefit for LaRonda – Wear PINK!

LaRonda Etheridge is one of the fitness instructors at the ACHIEVE Fitness studio where I teach is actively fighting Breast Cancer. A benefit is being organized on her behalf to help aid with the mounting medical costs. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, what a perfect opportunity to make a timely local impact. Tickets can be purchased here, or at the locations listed on the flyer below.

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This is Fierce!

Pointe Shoe Boxer

Pointe and extension are Killa!! I know of a few women that are this strong.

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Click image to see a few more shots

Our trip to the District of Columbia was quick and to the point. Tiffany met us as arranged at the Constitution Gardens on the Mall, as did my Sister and Brother-in-Law – words can’t describe how wonderful it felt to see them again! It was so lovely! We’d had thunder showers all morning and there was a little concern that we might not have the setting we wanted, but in the end it cleared up so we didn’t have to resort to Plan B.

Tiffany was gracious and wonderful. The experience was perfect; and we left with a marriage certificate to boot!

My family and I walked through our nation’s front lawn headed for an enjoyable dinner and caught up with each others’ news.

Denice, John, Tiffany, thank you for making our day so special. Jimmie, thank you for your love and sharing your life with me.

Feeling blessed.

Geek Alert: Hands-Free

Image :

Today, Nevada’s Senate Bill 140, which bans texting and hand-held cellphone use in the car went into effect. $50 dollar fine for the first offense. So a few months ago I purchased an earbud in preparation, which I promptly misplaced – uh, no cracks! Decided then then to overcome my aversion and look into headphones. Yowza! I’m sold!

Did a little online research and bought myself a Bluetooth version that has me driving hands-free, but wait! – I can also sync it to my laptop or iPod and dance anywhere around the house completely wire-free! No more worries over ear-buds falling out, or trying to decide which [if any] pockets to put the iPod in. Can also watch movies, or listen to podcasts or music without disturbing Tink. They’re perfect for me, and I consider them dollars well spent.

🙂 :: P.S. That’s not me in the photo!

Tink & Cha’s Playa Wedding

We’ve Done Did It!

What an amazing and unexpected experience.


To our fuchsia Bridesmaids, the entire Reno Housewives crew; Lauren; The Popcorn Palace for catering!; our attendants, and attendees:

Thank you! for sharing some very special and memorable moments with us. Lauren, as ever, you are superlative and I am so grateful to you for honoring us both by officiating our ceremony. You all are truly in our hearts for standing witness to our love and union of commitment – That’s the amazing part, and we both feel so honored by your support and love.

Credit: P Ricciardi

The unexpected aspect came from the new awareness that each of us now has of being married. We’ve been together for 7 years now, and we each didn’t expect that this type of ceremonious declaration would have much impact, but it has to a degree! The best way that I know to describe, is that there seems to be some unseen tendril of new intimacy that deepens the everyday connections. Like a quiet awareness. At least, that is how it feels to me anyway, and I’m sure Tink has his own take it, but there definitely is a subtle difference.

What a remarkable day! Preps were low-drama, but of course last-minute playa-time being what it is, we arrived at the appointed spot after our guests and loved-ones. One of the multitudes of items I had neglected to print off before leaving town was our ceremony and vows, which Lauren had conscientiously sent to me for edits, so I had to handwrite transcribe them from my laptop so she could officiate. Lauren, extra big kudos for schlogging through my handwriting!

Credit: P Ricciardi

Credit: P Ricciardi

Credit: P Ricciardi

Credit: P Ricciardi

Afterwards, our lovely bridesmaids crew through us a great reception soirée back at our camp featuring amazing friends; Paella, and Champagne, and lovely hugs.

Tink and I had a wonderful day! Made even more special because of each of you. Blessings to you all of you come from a very special place in our hearts.

Credit: P Ricciardi

Next up! We are off to be legally married in Washington DC later this month [Yikes, just in a couple of weeks!]. We’ve engaged with Tiffany Newman to officiate for us while we’re there, NOT that it will be recognized here in Nevada anytime soon, but hey, look how far equality has come thus far! Every raindrop feeds the ocean, right?

Credit: P Ricciardi

Our friends have been sending more photos, so as they come in, I will add them to an album I’ll host somewhere. More than likely, I’ll post a link in the side-column for easy access. They’re great, as they keep the remembrances of these very special days ongoing.

Love and Blessings!!

From Mr & Mr Two Old Fairies


We're off! and I so need it.

In The Garden With The Kids – Pt 3

My New Playa Transport

This is Aubrie, my new playa Steed/Stallion/Mare?! Fitted with curves and strength, she’s everything I could imagine or desire! Sleek- yet not ostentatious; dark & sultry – yet nothing of the brooding personality and narcissism you’d expect of one just starting out. She’s playa dream-wheels made real.

Full Disclosure: Aubrie entered my life via Black Rock Bicycles, by an attendee who couldn’t make it out his year, and may or may have not learned that my bike was “appropriated” last year. BRB, every year, out exceed their expectations on delivering the best quality bike sales or rentals to burners globally coming to our backyard for the festival. Randy is amazing, and will take reservations on rentals for those outside our area needing playa transportation. You wouldn’t believe the number of cycles they had!

🙂 :: Love and thanx to Debbi & Randy!!

Pyramid Lake Tribal Food Drive

Reposted via Camp Comfort & Joy:

Are you going to Burning Man?

As you drive through the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation, Look for Comfort & Joy’s bright Day-Glo flags decorating Taco Stands in Nixon & Wadsworth to easily find drop-off points for Food Donations… and amazing fresh Tacos.

On your way home from the Burn, Donate your leftover non-perishable camp food to local Paiute tribal charities helping foster children & victims of domestic violence.


(1) Nixon: Bunny’s Tacos
Serving Frybread / Veggie Tacos
Downtown Nixon – Approx 60 miles south of Gerlach
(Also be sure to visit the Tribal Mueseum in Nixon)

(2) Wadsworth: Elaine’s Stop
Serving Indian Tacos / Frybread / Taco Salad
1 Mile North of I-80, Exit 447

Be sure to support the tribe by buying gas & stopping for a Taco – they’re delicious!

You can also donate unwanted Bikes to tribal charities at these licensed food vendors. All food + bike donations are collected directly by tribal members & benefit local people in need.

In The Garden With The Kids – Pt 2


The dog [and baboon] days of Summer 2011.

In The Garden With The Kids – Pt 1


A Tribute Farewell

22 years ago, the Sierra Safari Zoo opened its doors. It began as a collection of exotic animals by three close friends, Dave, Dale, and Jimmie after acquiring property just north of Reno.

Dave was killed in a tragic car crash some years ago; and Dale died suddenly last January in his sleep. It threw us all into a headspin. We miss him terribly.

Dale Snoggles Alfie

Above are Dale and Alfie [as a youngster], our Baboon King who is sire to all the babies we foster.  It’s great to see the reinforcement of affection that carries on with Alphie’s children; can’t tell you how good it feels when they respond with trust like this.

Dale was an educator, who taught special needs children in Carson City; and a passionate ambassador between his two loves by introducing children to some of the exotic animals of the world.

Tinker and I are preparing a tribute altar for Dale that we will be adding to the Temple of Transition this year out on the playa at Burning Man.



I heart beautiful point!

Dancers are Richard Krush and Sylvie Guillem

Awesome Advice

Worthy advice for any artist: “10 Things You Can Do to Be a Better Burlesque Dancer” Excellent tip from Penny Starr Jr.

🙂 :: Spreading the word thanks to Megan Hartmann

Plans Are Forming

This is the rendering of the Temple of Transition for this year. It is amazing conceptually, and by all accounts, will be a remarkable temporary structure.

Last week, Tink and I had dinner at Zagol, the only Ethiopian establishment in Reno where we met together with Lauren our wedding officiant, and Lee Ann my Best Man. Slow as we are in wrapping our brains around this event, it is beginning to congeal a bit and I do think we are making some progress. Yay! as there isn’t much time left.

After dinner we walked over to the warehouse where the bulk of the construction crew is busy assembling the components for the edifice and wow! what impressive organizing! The stained glass chandeliers, the gargoyles, the smells and sounds of sawdust and labor were redolent and intoxicating.

We learned that of the five satellite smaller temples, the topmost on the planview will be the “Temple of Union”. Which is where Tink, Lauren, and myself decided would be the location of our wedding. Yip!!

4:00pm, Friday September 2nd! And you are very welcome to join us!

The crew who were present during our visit were so warm and sweet, giving us the grand tour and showing us around the massive space, and even directing us upside to the loft where the scale model was on display. Loved it, and what an honor!

Time is ticking, and in 27 days we’ll be on our way. Yikes!

🙂 :: Temple 2011’s Flickr Photostream

Update P.S. – Forgot to mention that our camp was place a week or so ago and we’ll be right on the 9:00 Blvd @ G {Graduation} Street. Come on by and say Hey!

Francis Bacon: Portrait of Lucien Freud

Portrait of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon, 1973


🙂 :: Ananas à Miami

One of the great painters of our time, Lucian Freud, died Wednesday night at the age of 88.


A week away from our performance, and I feel good about what we’ve got done!  If today’s rehearsal is an indicator, we will just drill, refine, and perfect.  Thanks to you all!!



Happy Summer Solstice!

Shazalakazoo – Sunny Side Of The Street (feat. Sofija Knežević) by SHAZALAKAZOO

It’s also Queer Pride Week, and Artown is fast approaching. Finally warmth!


We did it! This evening we finished writing new choreography to Amon Tobin’s glorious remix of Omar Faruk Tekbilek’s Aksak in preps for July. What a great feeling of satisfaction.