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Now That’s A Look!

Tilda Swinton as Marquesa Luisa Casati




πŸ™‚ :: via Fashion’s Most Wanted

This image made me think of you

Blinging in the New Year!


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Now That’s A Look!


Now That’s A Look!

Theda Bara 1917

Now That’s A Look!


Mae West 1930

Feels Like Bling

Today feels ornamental, so to honor it here is a sampling of eyeball treasure:

Kate Moss by Annie Leibovitz - Paris, 1999

Pierre Dal Corso

Project Update: Managed to get beyond the paralysis of Saturday with the wedding coats, and managed to get one shell fully constructed as of last night. Took a long time! and I did triple, quadruple checks on myself before making every cut into the silk. Methinks I gave myself a good ol tension headache just by clenching my teef so hard!

Interesting process though, it’s my first foray into tailoring and I find it rather fascinating as well as a challenge. Good thing I have a fantastic mentor to help guide me along, otherwise I don’t think I’d have any hair left. It was she who convinced me to take an ordinary men’s suit jacket as the base for my concept, and has helped me visualize process.

One more outer shell, and then we tackle the Lining process!

Now That’s A Look!

Always the casual look when smoking a pipe.

Now That’s A Look!

Now That’s A Look!

Greta Garbo

Now That’s A Look!

Arlene Dahl in β€œThe Diamond Queen” 1953

πŸ™‚ :: Vintage Gal

Now That’s A Look!


Now That’s A Look!


Yvonne de Carlo

WhTf.. A Time-Step!?! Really?

Now That’s A Look!

The incomparable Yvonne De Carlo

Now That’s A Look!

The finery and the ears spell pure elegance.

Now That’s a Look!

Mata Hari : Margaretha Geertruida "Grietje" Zelle MacLeod

πŸ™‚ :: Hari Wiki

Now That’s A Look!

20s Silent Film Star - Rudolph Valentino

πŸ™‚ :: Rudolph Valentino wiki


Now That’s A Look!

Jean Simmons 1948

πŸ™‚ :: There are a host of incredible images of “Ophelia Through the Years” @ Vintage Photos

Now That’s A Look!

Had a lovely time hanging out with very lovely folk in the Bay Area over the weekend so I didn’t get this posted on time… Β Toast! Β It’s Spring in northern CA, had to chain-up the tires coming over the Sierras, and I’m ready for a little road-trip to New Mexico…

Now That’s A Look!

And that amazing smile!

Now That’s A Look!

Rest in gentle peace Zoola :: a.k.a. Dale McDaniels

Now That’s A Look!

Theda Bara Goddess

Love the antennae!  Bet she gets great reception.


I wish I had a larger image, just of Michelle.

She is without doubt the most elegant creature to walk the planet!

Doug Mills/The New York Times | Gown: by Sarah Burton of the London house Alexander McQueen


Better, but still not great:

Now That’s A Look!

πŸ™‚ :: Chateau Thombeau

Closing: Old World Imports

Got a notice in the mail yesterday that Old World Imports will be closing its amazing Albuquerque, NM store soon.  Beginning tomorrow, 01.14.11, they’ll be reducing their inventory in preps to liquidate everything.  Sad, it was beautiful and definitely a destination stop for anyone traveling through the state.

They will still be maintaining TribalSouk online marketplace though, so there at least is some glimmer of light. I’ve made many a purchase here so I’m glad I can still get my DIY trinkets.

Now That’s A Look!

Our site was down for most of the day yesterday, so I’m behind in posting this. Enjoy.

πŸ™‚ :: Vintage Gal

Now That’s A Look!

Dance to new beginnings!

Gift your bliss

Go Twenty Eleven

Now That’s A Look!

Hope you’re having a grand and dress festive season!

This time of year folks go all-out.

Now That’s A Look!

Photograph of the four Swallows from the Guy Little Collection of C19th theatrical photographs held in the Theatre & Performance Collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum

Now That’s A Look!

Keeping with the ornamental theme that seems to suit the season, here is a colorized vintage showgirl.

Although, now that I look at it again, the green shoes do seem a bit over the top…  what do you think?