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Grinning ear-to-ear – This weekend was amazing and gratifying. SEEDs class was amazingly productive, and we’re very stoked at the advances the girls are achieving. Adult class this evening was no less energizing! So proud!!

Thank you all. You inspire me.

🙂 ::

Don’t Forget

The lovely Gina will be teaching a Tribal Fusion & zills workshop this Saturday!

Reserve your spot by calling Debby 775.720.3478

Gone Fishing

Awesome Advice

Worthy advice for any artist: “10 Things You Can Do to Be a Better Burlesque Dancer” Excellent tip from Penny Starr Jr.

🙂 :: Spreading the word thanks to Megan Hartmann

Ohad Naharin Introduces Gaga Technique

The idea of this concept is thrilling. I would so be interested in investigating the training further.


“Gaga is a new way of gaining knowledge and self-awareness through your body. Gaga provides a framework for discovering and strengthening your body and adding flexibility, stamina, and agility while lightening the senses and imagination. Gaga raises awareness of physical weaknesses, awakens numb areas, exposes physical fixations, and offers ways for their elimination. The work improves instinctive movement and connects conscious and unconscious movement, and it allows for an experience of freedom and pleasure in a simple way, in a pleasant space, in comfortable clothes, accompanied by music, each person with himself and others.“We become more aware of our form. We connect to the sense of the endlessness of possibilities. We explore multi-dimensional movement; we enjoy the burning sensation in our muscles, we are ready to snap, we are aware of our explosive power and sometimes we use it. We change our movement habits by finding new ones. We go beyond our familiar limits. We can be calm and alert at once.” – Ohad Naharin


🙂 :: Update: NYT-08.13.11- “Twisting Body And Mind


Reno Dance Sensation Swing Show

Let’s SWING!

The 8th Annual Reno Dance Sensation
West Coast Swing Championships and Show

April 14-17, 2011

Grand Sierra Resort & Casino
2500 East Second Street
Reno, Nevada 89585

🙂 :: World Swing Dance Council & Reno Dance Sensation

Beyond Technique Workshop

Prepping for Vacation

Just finished one of the two major grant reports I needed to get off before leaving for Santa Fe on Wednesday.  One down, one more to go!

So you all know, Debbie Lammam will be teaching class next Monday for me, 03.21.11 and I am extremely grateful.  She’s wonderful, and you couldn’t have a better experience!

Thank you to our newest students… I’m so grateful that you stopped by.  Explore, entice, and enumerate your needs –  get what you want out of the art is the most important thing!

I should be back on the 22nd, but am alway available via text or email.  You all looked awesome tonight! so I look forward to seeing you in a coupla weeks [the 28th for sure] to gain more ground.  have lots of fun in the mean time.


Toes Up!

I ran across a couple of videos posted by Nichelle Strzepek of Dance Advantage over on Vimeo. And thought I’d would share this one about “Toe-Sit-ups” as we’ve been talking about foot strengthening and relevés.


Another very cool find is this book: A choreographer’s Handbook, that I picked up at Borders:

🙂 :: Enjoy!

Gina Returns 03.26.11

Kosmos Music & Dance Camp 2011

🙂 :: June 1st – 5th, Sonoma County, CA under the glorious redwoods – Kosmos Camp.

Monday Classes

Source : Peter Voerman

Can I just say thank you, and acknowledge how extremely gratified and inspired I am by the students in Monday’s class?  Thank you to those who have been around since day one, and many thanks to those who are just joining us.  Can’t tell you how much fun I am having, and what a great way to begin each week.

And we are all very grateful to Karen for providing the studio and space at ACHIEVE Fitness in sponsorship for the SEEDs Program.  Big hugs to Karen and staff!

Namira’s New Class

New BellyDance Class session with Namira
Starts Thursday Feb. 3-March 17, 2011  4-5pm
$70 for the 7 week session

Carson City Community Center
Comstock Room
851 E. Williams st. / HWY 50
Carson City, Nv. 89701

For more information:

🙂 :: Namira’s Blog for updates & gigs!

Santa Fe Here I come

Myra Krien just released the announcement for the upcoming annual “Invaders of the Heart” showcase concert presented by Pomegranate Sudios and Mosaic Dance Co! The show will be held at the James A Little Theatre March 18th and 19th @ 7pm.

I traveled to see this extravaganza last year and it was phenomenal with Arish Lam, and so well worth the effort to get there.  They just seem to get better and better!  All of Myra’s troupes perform, so there are nearly 100 talented dancers onstage throughout, and the production an amazing creative spectacle.

This year’s featured guest artist is the incomparable Amy Sigil & UNMATA for the show, and who will conduct two 2-hour workshops:

“Fast like a Nascar” – Saturday, March 19 from 1:30 – 3:30pm
“Hi, my name is Improvisational Tribal Style, ITS nice to meet you!” – Sunday, March 20, 11am – 1pm

Am SO looking forward to this one!

Fuka Fuka! Djossi Drum & Dance Class

Are you ready to drum and dance?

Master drummer and dancer Mailly “Francis”  Tagba, the leader of Gboz, teaches a new Drum and Dance class every Tuesday from 6:30 – 7:30pm at ACHIEVE Fitness Studios. Classes are $10. 600 S Center Street, Reno.

I heard the amazing drumming while a was prepping to teach a class and the rhythms were intoxicating. Looks like so much fun! Took a similar class while in Santa Fe last Spring and it IS quite a workout.

Photo by Kazue Kurebayashi

December Doings

Well okay, here is a recap of the last few weeks that have been amazing:

Gina’s workshop at the beginning of the month was fantastic!  True to her mentor’s – Suhaila Salimpour’s form, the class moved, moved, moved, and was really quite a workout.  Lot of aerobic strengthening, and a lot of floor work with traveling moves that I also really, really enjoy.  My leg and arm muscles got a pretty good workout, but I was amply prepared having taken Debby’s class [ Gina’s mom ] earlier in the week.

Could not stay too long at the workshop as our SEEDlings were preparing for their very first recital for their families that very same afternoon.  OMG!  They looked and performed amazingly!  They were poised and in control, and although they were extremely nervous – they rallied like little troopers.  Grateful thanks to Lee Ann, Gemini, Margie, Nicole, and Mona for helping the girls get dressed and ready!

There were close to 30 in our studio audience, invited friends and family which gave us an opportunity to talk again about the program, and run through a very short mini class where the girls displayed what and how they are learning.  We even got our zills out to demonstrate their budding skills.  Am so very proud!

Taxed my hip [again] after injuring it this past summer, so when Monday rolled around I was back at the Chiropractor’s to get some relief and real bodywork done.  Went to see a specialist and he was amazing!!!  Cannot recommend him enough.  Felt so well that by Wednesday, Gemini and I made plans to travel over the Sierra’s to take two classes with UNMATA.

Wow! is all that I can say.  It was cool just seeing everyone again – Amy, Shelly, Anastasia, Lorenzo, and to have the wonderful experience at Hot Pot.  Shelly taught Intro to Hot Pot Fusion class; and Amy taught Beginning Fusion.  So worth the drive; and so worth the effort to reach outside our box.  The learning was incredible.

Last night, hipSwitch and the SEEDlings performed before a very grateful and welcoming audience – my company’s annual Holiday Fete for all of our volunteers, staff, and Board of Directors.  They ate it up!  This marked the first request of, and the very first public display for our SEED teens.  Great dinner, great company, and great entertainment value for all involved.  Video camera didn’t work out again, although I had preplanned and thought I had all kinks worked out, the tech-gods saw otherwise.  Fortunately one of the mom’s had a video camera, so we may have the event documented yet.

Case of the appropriated hip scarf solved! Thanks LAMmy!!

Annie, Emily, Jenny, and Karla

Da Crue: Lisa, Nicole, ?, Margie, Gemini, Mona, Caroline, and the SEEDlings


They were amazing! Our dAdima SEEDs students held a very small recital of their dance accomplishments to-date this afternoon for family & friends and they were just stupendous! I am so very proud and grateful to everyone for their support.

More later when I’m not so wiped out. So here’s a snap that marks our first.

Lee Ann, Jenny, Emily, Annie, Gemini, Karla

New Class with Debby

OMG! Last night I had the extreme pleasure of attending the class with Debby Lammam at Achieve Fitness – her new digs, and had a marvelous time! Debby has trained with, and carries on Suhaila Salimpour’s technique building skills & prowess into her classes. It was literally and figuratively Kick Ass!

Classes are Tuesday nights, 7:30 – 9:00 pm – ACHIEVE Fitness Studios, 600 S Center Street, Reno.

Master Class with Gina

Gina is back! And she’ll be holding a Drills and Technique Master Class on December 4th at the River School. The studio is not huge, so I’d reserve your spot now.

There will even be live drumming by musicians from the Ivory Coast! How often do we have that opportunity?

Meditation Workshop

Samantha, who is an instructor with YogaDesires is teaching two Learn to Meditate Workshops – part a & b over two consecutive Sundays this month at Achieve Fitness.

Download the PDF: meditation_nov2010

It Was A Feast!

I can’t begin to express what an honor and privilege it was to host and showcase Myra Krien a few weekends ago! What an amazing wealth of gifts on so many levels that I think it took my breath away. Her talents abound, and we were lucky enough to partake and have her with us for two and a half days.

Each one of us in our troupe got a wee bit of one-on-one – a precious gift from a truly remarkable artist.

Thank you Myra!!

🙂 :: Pomegranate Studios, Santa Fe, NM

Playa Bridesmaids

We are back from the playa!  We had a wonderful burn this year, and what an exceptional group of campmates this year.  Fantastic real estate too, right on the corner of 9:00 & G streets directly across from “Distrikt” Day-Rave!  We almost never had to leave home, as the party came to us daily!
But for a brief chilly rain on Monday, the weather was outstanding all week long. It couldn’t have been more perfect.  We reconnected with all of our wonderful n playful playa friends, and even served as bridesmaids on Friday for a beautiful wedding.  Congratulations again, Lisa and AstroPop!!

Click on the image below to be transported to more of our 2010 album of photos & videos:</p>

Layering & Taqseem with Gina

Belly Dance workshop with Gina Bruno on Saturday, October 2. It will be held at Transformations Gym in South Reno, from 1:00-3:00 and will be $30 at the door, $25 in advance. She will be teaching layering and taqseem – fun, hot choreography – don’t miss it!


Got this exciting notice in my email this evening:

Diavolo Dance Theater will be offering a Master Class in Reno as part of their contribution to this month’s Artown Festivities.

Class will be held Thursday July 29, 2010 at
Fascinating Rhythm School of Performing Arts
9736 S Virginia Street,  #E,  Reno, NV  89511

Time: Noon – 1:30 pm
$10 registration fee or free with purchased performance ticket
[ class size will be limited to 30 dancers ]


Through a combination of physical and trust exercises, partnering and movement combinations, and flying lessons, Diavolo classes challenge and enhance individual physical and emotional limits and emphasize the values of trust, teamwork, collaboration, physicality and artistry.  We call it “Learning to Fly.”

Diavolo is founded upon trust and teamwork. As Artistic Director Jacques Heim states: “Building a team that allows for complete trust has been essential to creating a kind of work where dancers are inspired to leap, fly and fall”. The Education and Community Outreach Program has two goals which directly serve the Mission and the Artistic Director’s vision:

1. To generate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art of dance.

2. To use the kinesthetic power of dance to develop trust, teamwork and collaborative skills, to encourage creative thinking and personal growth, and, where applicable, to enhance students’ understanding of history, social studies, math, sciences, and the language arts.

In order to achieve these goals, Diavolo has developed numerous educational workshops, residencies, and interactive school concert performances, that have reached over 100,000 students and adults in communities nationwide and in the Los Angeles Area. The workshops and residencies use specific techniques and exercises to develop trust and teamwork skills. In school settings, students can learn to apply these skills towards curricula based goals.

🙂 :: Diavolo Dance Theater

Back from Kosmos Music & Dance Camp

Back from Kosmos!  This year’s experience was saWeet!  Many new and wonderful faces and some amazing moments connecting and re-connecting with great folk from all over the region. Am so glad that I decided to go again this year – it was a break that was sorely needed.  Great instructors, good food, amazing rustic accommodations made for an overall immensely fantastic retreat.  Of course I didn’t manage to do all that I had hoped; took a drum for a class with Faisal – didn’t unpack it once; took a camera but only managed this parting shot on departure day…  What?!Back from Kosmos!  This year’s experience was saWeet!  Many new and wonderful faces and some amazing moments connecting and re-connecting with great folk from all over the region. Am so glad that I decided to go again this year – it was a break that was sorely needed.  Great instructors, good food, amazing rustic accommodations made for an overall immensely fantastic retreat.  Of course I didn’t manage to do all that I had hoped; took a drum for a class with Faisal – didn’t unpack it once; took a camera but only managed this parting shot on departure day…  What?!

Shelly DeCant of Unmata was awe-inspiring! La Fibi, pure grace and poetry; loved Paco Gomes Afro-Brazilian class, as I did Joti Singh’s Bollywood, Jordan Wilson’s Salsa Rueda, and Rafaella Falchi’s Samba classes!  I also give grateful thanks to Brendan Furey’s Morning Yoga classes for keeping me grounded.  6 dance classes per day, plus some very choice and wonderful performances each evening made the whole event worth a million dollars! particularly enjoyed it when students from each training class joined the performances of the instructors in displaying their new found skills. Amazing talents all around.

It was amazing and well worth it.

🙂  ::  Kosmos Music & Dance – Full Staff

Kosmos Dance Camp

The warm summer days at Kosmos Camp are filled with music and dance. Our inspiring open-air venues host both Dancers and Musicians, as they learn and perform with authentic world-class professional teachers in a wide variety of styles from different cultures around the world. Kosmos is more than a camp; It’s a celebration where friends bond their passions and talents.

Dance Classes include:
West African
Bhangra and Bollywood
Modern Brazilian
Morrocan Berber
World Fusion
Salsa Rueda

Music Classes include:
Arabic Drumming
Flamenco Rhythms
West African Drumming
Persian Ensemble
Latin Percussion
Morrocan Ensemble

HipSwitch @ NOAN 2010

On Friday, April 9th, 2010 members of HipSwitch and the performing class of Truckee Meadows Community College presented at the University of Nevada, Reno’s “Night of All Nations [NOAN] Festival. The class is taught by our Asha’s own Minya bint Tahari and Kendesh.

It was so much fun to watch! Video capture was recorded by our very own Super Supporter MJ.

Kami Liddle During Artown

Goodness to come:

Arish Lam Workshops

I am leaving tomorrow for Santa Fe to catch Pomegranate Studio’s annual Spring Festival “Invaders of the Heart.” I will also be taking two workshops with Puerto Rico’s Arish Lam.

Don’t know too much about his work other than what I’ve seen on YouTube, but with workshop titles such as “Belly Salsa Combos” and “Fast and Forward,” how could it not be fun?

more about "Arish Lam goes DIRTY at Cafe Araba", posted with vodpod

🙂 :: Arish is the dancer with the smooth pate and plenty of stage presence.