Qin Liang is going to start teasing Liu Rushi。

“and then?”
Liu Rushi knew what Qin Liang was going to say later,But still pretending to be a fool。
“then……I hold you,Let’s eat snacks while watching TV……”
Qin Liang continues to create romantic stories。
“And then?”
Liu Rushi continues to play dumb。
“And then……I’ll give you another flower night in the bridal chamber you’ve been waiting for……”
Qin Liang finally got to the point。
“Go!I don’t expect this,That should be what you have been waiting for?”
Liu Rushi is still naughty,But my face is red。
“Yes indeed,That’s what I’ve been waiting for,Do you want to satisfy me,Help me realize this beautiful wish?”
Qin Liang began to look at Liu Rushi with affection。
“……Maybe later。”
Liu Rushi’s answer was not firm,She knew in her heart;Entering the bridal chamber,I’m afraid I can’t wait for the future,This time,Couples who do not have a relationship before marriage,It can be said that there is almost no……
She is a girl who loves herself,But she is not derailed from this era,From her heart,Of course I hope to wait until the wedding day,Give your body to Qin Liang,But she can be sure,That is unrealistic,Also impossible……