Zhang Kaijun quickly commented: What can Tsai Ing -wen do in addition to the regrets of Cai Yingwen?

Zhang Kaijun quickly commented: What can Tsai Ing -wen do in addition to the regrets of Cai Yingwen?

A AT-3 coach aircraft of the Taiwan Army crashed on the morning of May 31st in the Kaohsiung Okayama Base. During the training task of taking off in the Ganthan base, the driver of the pilot Xu Dajun found it but died unfortunately.

The picture shows search and rescue personnel found the body wreckage near Tianyu all the way in Okayama District. (Photo source: Taiwan "Central News Agency") An excellent young air force pilot was killed unfortunately. Outstanding new store children Air Force pilot Xu Dajun drove an AT3 trainer during the training and eventually died. After this accident, Tsai Ing -wen came out to express shock, regret, and sadness again, but he never mentioned how to avoid similar incidents, but he exposed that Tsai Ing -wen would only speak.

After all, the Fei’an accident of the Taiwan Air Force can be avoided. No matter whether it is an AT3 trainer or the F-5E fighter, it has been serving in Taiwan for more than 40 years. Many flight accidents have occurred, which has caused many excellent ones The pilot died, but the Taiwan authorities were let the Air Force pilots bet their lives. Each flight training was like letting the Air Force brothers go away from the ghost gate. This is the standard bureaucratic killing.

I still remember that the rivalry of paratroopers during World War II was the highest. The biggest problem was that the umbrella bag could not be opened during the parachuting. General Patton went to the factory to ask the manufacturer. The parachute must be opened 100%, but the factory owner returned. , That is, the highest limit, General Barton said, "From today, every time the acceptance will be pulled out of the parachute, let the boss jump down from the plane", from that moment The situation has been opened. Today, the proper rate of the Taiwan army aircraft is not high and it is hard to fly. The gamblers of the DPP officials are making a strange personality. Before the next training, the plane asked these chiefs to test the flight to see if they dare to fly! Every year in the United States, the United States will be sold against Taiwan. In 2020, the United States sells "fish torpedo", "Patriot Type III" missile components, multi -tube rocket systems, and fish fork coast defense systems. About NT $ 149.4 billion), Taiwan’s arms seemed to be strong, but I did not expect it to be a tiger! Taiwan’s outstanding Air Force pilots are still flying AT3 trainer or F-5E fighter fighters. Before the enemy comes, we will kill ourselves because of the old equipment. Hate died on his own weapon! However, the DPP authorities are "today’s public sacrifice, forget tomorrow", why the heavens are so unfair, and even more complained about the DPP’s unscrupulous politicians "killing".

Article Source: Taiwan "China Times" Editor: Qiu Mengying.