"Science and Technology Fan" is full! Wuhan’s first smart tax service hall enabled

"Science and Technology Fan" is full! Wuhan’s first smart tax service hall enabled

The "Health Medical Examination" function for the "panoramic" precision portrait "Health Sports"+"risk response" and "precision portrait" for the taxpayer to place an ID card for the company, choose the binding corporate information, and click to print it. Three steps are required to get a "enterprise tax -related medical examination report". The report includes corporate basic information, historical tax -related information, dynamic credit evaluation information, tax reduction information, tax -related risk information, etc. Through dynamic analysis of tax -related indicators, the "panoramic" accurate portrait of taxpayers is used to "diagnose the pulse" as the enterprise, and the risk issues are classified to classify the recommendations.

"Come here to do business today, and experience a smart medical examination by the way. I found that the company had tax and fees leakage, and quickly made up.

"Mr. Xiao Xiao, the financial leader of the intermediary firm of Jianghan District Real Estate Company, Wuhan City, introduced to the author," Through the "one -click consultation", the taxation lady remotely counseled me to handle the unprepared information and prevent tax -related risks.

"The physical examination report is in the form of the picture and text, and the taxes are not only a tax indicator report, a tax -related risk reminder book, but also a guidance for optimizing tax -related matters.

"VR Interaction"+"Naked Eye 3D" and "immersed" roaming shows "Education and Le" in the VR interactive experience area. The author sees the taxpayer wave his arm and participates in the physical interactive game with interest.

"From June 25, 2021, natural persons can apply for an ordinary invoice on behalf of the Chu Tax Tong APP." The taxpayer extended his left hand to wave towards the "correct" option, and the "answer correctly" in real time on the big screen. "This is so interesting. I answered 20 questions in one breath. These tax policies are remembered at once.

"Taxpayers in the experience area excitedly introduced to the author," This form of policy promotion is very novel, and learning policies are no longer a boring thing. "By preparing the latest tax policy into a question bank, the interaction of game interaction stimulates the interest of taxpayers is a new form of tax promotion in the bureau, and it is also an extension of the" taxpayer school "in the smart office. The taxation area of ??taxation museums, through the presence of holographic projection, restores and display the real tax museum to help taxpayers understand the history of taxation and bring the taxpayer immersive tour experience; Propaganda, tax source dynamics, video surveillance, business environment data; "Smart Micro Hall" integrates a variety of business modules such as intelligent consulting, electronic tax bureau, remote acceptance, remote approval, etc.; Policy interpretation, hot Q & A, Zheng Zheng interaction … Driven by big data of taxation, smart taxes are extended to identification, consultation, taxation, publicity, and interaction.

江汉区税务局主要负责人表示,江汉区智慧办税服务厅将以中办、国办印发的《关于进一步深化税收征管改革的意见》为指导,以建设“具有高集成功能、高安全性能、 The goal of high application efficiency "is the goal, and continuously explores a more forward -looking and integrated" Internet+smart tax "function system, and continuously improves the satisfaction and sense of satisfaction of taxpayers. (Photo/Wen Zhao Fang, Cheng Haien, Guo Wei) (Responsible editor: Wang Guo Yan, Zhou Tian) Share more people see the client download.