Heard my assistant say that,Shi Wuyin fell into silence for a while。

After a while,He just said:“Call him,I talk to him,First listen to what he said。”
Chapter One Hundred Two I want them to know who I am
Shi guide you to find me?”When Hu Lai knocked on the door of Shi Wuyin’s room,I saw Shi Wuyin sitting on the sofa in the room,Beckoned to him。
So he came in and closed the door。
“Do you know about that online?”Shi Wuyin didn’t talk nonsense,But straight to the point。
“Oh,You said I came in through your back door?”Hu Lai laughed。
“how,You can still laugh?”Shi Wuyin frowned。
“Is not,I think it’s funny,Give guidance。”Hu Lai spread his hands,“Big on WeiboVTalking about what the Internet has opened up the people’s wisdom,As a result, the rumor spread faster than before the Internet era。Used to be slow,Only enough to spread the rumor once in a lifetime,Good now……”
“What a mess!”Shi Wuyin waved his hand to interrupt Hu Lai’s nonsense,But he confirmed one thing。
“You don’t seem to be in a hurry,Less angry?”Shi Wuyin stared at Hu Lai and asked。
“Give guidance,What i just wanted to say……Used to be slow,Information Highway Now,One thing is gone for three days。What are they doing?The more you care about them,Just a bunch。There is something to say?I told the rocket expert,Your rocket can’t do,Bad fuel,I think I have to burn wood,Coal is best,The coal has to be selected coal,Water washing coal won’t work。If the scientist took a straight look at me,Count him lose。Pay attention to the group,We lose,Give guidance。”
Shi Wuyin was amused by Hu Lai’s example:“You have a sharp tongue。So you don’t say anything,Silent,Be a turtle?”