The cold wave will go to the heat station smoothly and the warm stove is fire.

The cold wave will go to the heat station smoothly and the warm stove is fire.

  According to the city meteorological platform, Beijing will usher in a wind and cool weather this weekend, and is expected to usher in the winter.

To this end, the city will debug the heating system on October 28.

The reporter visited the thermal station yesterday that the heating equipment has been put on a special "warm clothing", and the heat pipe home has also entered the state in the state of 24 hours, and preparing for the upcoming cold wave weather.

  The heating equipment is tailored to "warm clothes" at 9 am, the Beijing-Canon Group’s Beijing Heat Group Haidian Branch Xi-Bayi Heating Service Center dispatching room, the two staff always pay attention to the data on the computer screen, monitor the boiler operation condition.

  In the boiler room downstairs, a huge roar of the heating boiler, "There are two in the boiler center, because the temperature in the day is not low during the day, so only one is currently started.

"A staff member told reporters that after receiving the instruction of the heating system to start debugging, the West Bayi Heating Service Center was rotated to two boilers, ensuring that the equipment can run normally.

"An additional boiler that is temporarily opened can be started at any time. With the temperature change, we will also adjust the temperature according to the regulation instructions issued by the group." The staff said. West Baranizhuang thermal station, which is not far from the heating service center, covers an area of ??about 370 square meters, 6 sets of heating equipment, responsible for the heating of around 460,000 residents, including 4 of Bayi Zhuangbei, Enji, etc. Community. The reporter noted that different from the previous thermal station, the heating equipment here, whether it is a plate heat exchanger or the adjustment valve, all over white "coat".

West Bayi Heating Service Center Thermal Station Weili Cui Jingxin told reporters that this white "outerwear" is a warm device tailored to the heating equipment, "the plate heat exchanger and the valve are also metal materials, and the heat will be lost. After the cover is on the insulation device, slow heat dissipation and transfer all heat to the user home as much as possible.

"Cui Jingxin introduced that the layers in this insulation device are cotton, the outer layer is the leather, the insulation effect is good; the interface is used to use buckle paste, which is easy to open," because the size of each device is different, so we are good The size of the manufacturer is specially customized, and it can be removed from the hot season. "Welding ball valve is blocked in a timely water-shaped metal valve, the middle is wider, and the two ends are slightly narrow, which seems to be in the eyes, but can quickly shut down when the pipe is leaking, effectively blocking the water, this is this year Haidian branch focuses on the installed welding ball valve. The West Bayi Heating Service Center has a total management of heating area of ??10,000 square meters. The non-residential area is 21,100 square meters, the residential area is 4.95 million square meters, the total number of users is 44,621, of which resident 43014 Household.

During the "winter disease summer" maintenance and transformation, the West Bayi Heating Service Center focuses on the old secondary line, floor coil, valve, etc. of the old quarterly community, and replaces 1250 DN15-150 valves. DN15-150 tube 1520 meters, and add more than 1400 room temperature collectors to promote "second network balance" transformation. Heating Pipe home 24 hours in post "Hello, you just called the warm air tube at home, are you at home now? Are we going to see it in the past?" Hanging the phone, heating the supplier Li Zhen Tao with gloves, shoe cover The maintenance tool hurried towards home, playing from the heat season, so that he doesn’t know how much you want to go every day to and from the user’s and thermal station.

  "Because now is in the epidemic, we have to repair the maintenance, the vaccine must be inoculated, once a week, the nucleic acid detection, when the door is entered, the shoe cover can not be less." Li Zhantao said.

From the heat season, Li Zhentao is in the heat station, 24 hours a day, the user can find him.

(Reporter Wang Tianqi) (Original title: The cold wave will go to the thermal station smoothly and the warm stove is fired).