Tianjin: Practicing online mass lines to make practical solutions

Tianjin: Practicing online mass lines to make practical solutions

Today, the network has become one of the most daily expressions of the people.

As the "Leadership Message Board" of the bridge link, one end connects with the party and the government, one end with the people, and a problem of urgency is here to respond and resolve. In order to earnestly do a good job in the message of Tianjin People’s Network NetUmits, promote netizens to apply for work, standardization, Tianjin Letters and Visits, Municipal Party Committee Network Network Office to study "Tianjin People’s Network NetUmits Message Implementation Measures (Trial) "(Hereinafter referred to as" implementation Measures), officially issued on October 12.

The He Tianjin Letters and Turquential Office, in the early August of this year, in accordance with the statement of the municipal government, the message is clearly required, the city’s petition office will quickly launch the "Implementation Measures" before the "Implementation Measures" before the development of the "Implementation Measures". A special symposium was held, and the prominent issues in the work of netizens were urgently needed to solve the problems, listened to the suggestions of all districts and municipal-level relevant units, and fully communicated with the brothers and provinces to learn from advanced experience practices.

After many revisions, the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government agreed, and the implementation of netizens with Tianjin characteristics was formed.

Comrade Comrade Municipal Letters and Visits: "The issuance of this" implementation Measures ", fully reflects the high attention of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, will strongly promote the party and government organs at all levels of the city to leave the online mass message as’ I For the important content of the practice activities of the masses, the actual effectiveness of learning education in the party history is reflected in the promotion of people’s livelihood.

The netizen member is different from the ordinary letters and visit matters. It reflects the things that happen to the side, guiding and promoting party and government organs at all levels to solve the rationality of the masses in place in the ground, and can solve the problem in sprouting. We will continue to improve the quality of handles in the future, we will make an article on the problem of difficulty issues, relying on true feelings and solid work and trust in the people. "The" Municipal Party Committee Network Office is introduced, "Implementation Measures" is fundamentally in the fundamental, earnestly promoting all departments of all districts, and earnestly enhances the satisfaction rate of the message to handle the satisfaction rate of the message, proposing "3 + 1" solution, that is, establishing a sound three mechanism, perfect An assessment evaluation method.

The Municipal Party Committee Network will strengthen positive propaganda, and organize reports on matters to run fast, and the masses are organized; improve the report and notification mechanism, launch the message to handle the message, and report to the municipal party committee and the municipal government and inform each region; improve the assessment The evaluation approach, the publication of the people’s network Tianjin section is included in the content of network ideology work supervision, while incorporating the scope of the regional and party government department performance assessment.

Comrade Comrade Municipal Party Committee said: "People’s Network netizens handles work is to implement the mass line under the new situation, and the powerful measures of the masses, it is an important channel of people’s conditions, solving the people, and the people’s efforts. It is to promote ‘I The fact that the masses do practical activities’ practical activities are decentralized, which is conducive to the improvement of work and the temperature of the city, which is conducive to efficient solving the people’s urgent problems.

Next, we will take the opportunity to carry out the education of party history, continue to do a good job in the message of netizens with your heart, and further enhance the quality of the netizens to handle the quality of the people, and constantly improve the sense of happiness of the people.

At the beginning of the "Implementation Measures", Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately organized relevant personnel to learn and convey the relevant units.

Through further strengthening satisfaction evaluation, further improve the source prevention ability, further establish three work initiatives in improved working mechanisms, and promote the implementation of the Implementation Measures.

The Municipal Public Security Bureau has solved the parking management of Xi’an Road, Shanxi Road, Hankou West Road, Shanxi Road, Hankou West Road, Guizhou Road, etc., and netizens reported by the Municipal Public Security Bureau. And the low-inspected personnel have been satisfied with the masses because the system has not updated the actual problem such as the need to apply for housing difficult subsidies. Tianjin Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau will work online as a hand of "I have to do practical things for the masses", and attach great importance to the message of the people’s website, adhering to the first time to undertake, first time, the first time Reply work requirements, by the relevant departments, carefully study the leadership review, ensure the efficiency and accurate operation of the message processing; through the platform continues to pay attention, respond to the concerns of the masses; increase the question of the public, to make the masses to understand the current promotion of Tianjin Progress in planning.

The Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government attaches great importance to the mass line through the network, the party and government organs and leading cadres at all levels have accepted the mass line through the network, and actively use the people’s network "Leading Message Board" this online mass work platform to listen to the government. The people’s intentions and the people are worried. Since 2009, the party and government organs at all levels at all levels of Tianjin have a total of 82,267 members of the message, solved a large number of hotspots and difficulties in the masses. The People’s Network Tianjin channel will continue to pay attention to the netizens in the "Leader Message Board" in the People’s Network, and jointly promote the work of the message board to do better.

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