Yiyang Public Security Traffic Police: Concentrate Gathering Solidly Promoting Traffic Safety Concentration

Yiyang Public Security Traffic Police: Concentrate Gathering Solidly Promoting Traffic Safety Concentration

People’s Network Changsha November 1st for effective prevention and reduction of traffic accidents, guaranteeing road traffic safety and smooth in the jurisdiction, since October 15 In the scope of Yiyang City, I have launched the "Treatment of Diseases, Pressure Accidents, and Ping An".

The high level promoted the responsibility to implement on October 19th, the Yiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment held a centralized attack of action mobilization will, clearly propose "a zero-occurring, two declines, three improvements" work goals (larger traffic accident "zero "The traffic violation is significantly declined, the number of traffic accidents fell by year; the road surface saw the police rate, the cost of spending, the motorcycle, the motor vehicle ride staff helmet, the safety belt usage of the automobile driving passenger" is significantly improved, road The effective hidden dangers have a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the control, and the organic integration of the centralized attack and other work, a baton scheduling, a road map promotion, effectively promoting the city’s traffic control work to achieve new improvement.

Focus on the source of hidden dangers, the Yiyang City Traffic Police Detachment and the various districts and city traffic police brigade adopt the inspection, notification, talks, stop business, etc. The scrap rate, the illegal treatment rate is significantly improved.

For the sake of suction, injection of drug driving behavior, the implementation of community drug rehabilitation, mandatory isolation and drug rehabilitation measures, long-term use of dependent psychotropic drug addiction has not yet quit, and the driver hindering safety driving diseases is fully investigated, one by one, Log out the motor vehicle driver’s license according to law, and strictly prevent "disease" on the road.

Maximize the police and equipment to the pavement of the traffic police department at all levels at all levels at all levels of the city, the police force and equipment are maximized, and the police car is always patrol, the police light is always on, the swirling is always bright, and the road is improving the police rate, the cost rate, The enforcement rate.

As of June 29, Yiyang City seized 31,568 traffic violations, including 185 drunk driving, the truck overloaded 116, illegal super members, 114 illegal manned people, do not wear a safety helmet 10236, no seat belt 1514, The driver’s license is 74, and 8 driver’s licenses are revoked. In response to the problems of motorcycle, electric cars, safety helmets, adherence to correction, comprehensive policy, and obvious results.

First, hire a third-party institution, in the main intersection of the city, the shared electric vehicle ride personnel wearing helmet, and the motorcycle, the motorcycle, the motorcycle riding personnel wearing a helmet, and statistical analysis.

Second, the United Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau to develop "Measures for Sharing Electric Traffic Safety Management", from daily work, number card management, traffic violation rate, helmet wearing rate, etc. Short school notice, require the primary and secondary schools to set the helmet prompt, issue traffic safety open letters, regularly informed the class abide by traffic laws.

The third is to invest, education, punishment and restrictions on the motorcycle, electric vehicle ride staff without a safety helmet behavior in the main road, 51 major intersections and schools, hospitals, and market. The fourth is to close attention to the focus of the elderly, children, staff, take-out little brothers, etc., carry out the "Triad Hands" and other topics. Through a series of measures, the urban helmet wear rate increases significantly. (Luo Weixuan Liao Weiping) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing let more people see client downloads.