Wuzhong City multi-production integration promotion industrial system upgrade

Wuzhong City multi-production integration promotion industrial system upgrade

  "The project is from the production of the remaining coke oven gas to clean the fuel liquefied natural gas and hydrogen, and the hydrogen-rich binding dry distillation coke gas production olefin can extend the Sunshan Coal chemical industry chain to increase the loop economic industry chain layout." Recently The person in charge of Ningxia Yida Natural Gas Co., said that the company’s 100,000 tons / year of coke oven gas system LNG project was produced normally. Ningxia Wuzhong City deeply studies the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, continues to do a good job in industrial integration, production city integration, production network integration, vigorously promote the high-quality development of high-quality industries such as green food, clean energy, wine, and milk industry. Building a New Modern Industry in the Fusion of Basic Industries and Digital Economy and Smart Industry. A number of large projects, good projects provide strong support for industrial improvement and expansion, agricultural files, and speed-up service, and promotion of industrial system upgrades and basic capabilities. Since this year, Wuzhong City implemented 100 key industrial projects invested 50 million yuan, 12 newly consolidated enterprises, 30 "special new" SMEs. Construction of China’s automation industrial park gathering area, Paro cashmere blend and other projects.

Yanchi County, Hongsibao District beach sheep, breeding base, adding 250,000 new lasclands, 30,000 mu of brewing wine in the city, and the planting area of ??the yellow flower is stable in 160,000 mu. The total investment of 4 billion yuan in the fourth phase of Wulongwei Cow Breeding Park, planning to build a large scale farm in the scale, currently built a scale farm, 30,000 dairy storage, 200 tons of fresh milk.

  The catering industry is a slightly developing episode of Wuzhong Wenxin Industry.

At present, more than 6,000 catering services have been registered in the city, and 19 "Chinese dining shop" and 5 "Wu Zhong Lao". Relying on the city’s food and beverage gathering areas, special neighborhoods, agricultural ecological parks, and guide catering industry and cultural tourism, shopping, and more industries and other industries.

In the first three quarters of this year, the city received thousands of visitors, income billions of dollars, increased by the same period in the same period in 2020, increased% and% respectively.

(Reporter Zhang Guo Chang).