World Chinese Joint Calligraphy and Calligraphy Art Committee preparatory meeting will be held

World Chinese Joint Calligraphy and Calligraphy Art Committee preparatory meeting will be held

On October 17, 2021, the 20th anniversary of the 20th Anniversary of the World Chinese Joint Federation will be held in the first city of Xianghe. Centennial is youth, for a new era, and then cast new and glorious.

Ms. Jiang Lin, Chairman of the World Joint General Council (hereinafter referred to as Shihua Club), announced that the preparation of the event will be formally established. At the meeting, Jiang Lin’s chairman made an important indication on this event: the first city of the commemorative activity, the first city to become the city, the city, the city of the world, the culture of culture City, Hero City, Healthy City, Education City, Media City, Financial City and Shopping City Ten Plate. The meeting pointed out that this event followed the base, diced, three steps, and pushed painting and calligraphy art activities to the climax, take the country and go to the world.

One basis: China’s advanced culture launched by Ms. Jiang Lin, the chairman of the Shihua Association; diological: Take a good artist and good work as dual core; three steps: The first step organizing committee is recommended according to preparatory meeting, select 128 Good artist.

The second step according to the requirements of the organizing committee, and the selected artist provides the selected artist to determine the tour. The third step World will take the work around the world in batches. Ms. Jiang Lin, Chairman of the Shihua Association, stressed that it is necessary to ensure the safety, protect the people’s livelihood, and ensure the continued efforts of safety, protect people’s livelihood, and guarantee service, and go all out to ensure the 20th anniversary of the World Chinese Joint Federation. In order to build a pioneer in the top ten plates of the first city, it lays the foundation. The meeting deployed the next step: First, focusing on culture, serving the world, continues to enhance the service capability of Shihua. Give full play to the international advantages of Shihuahui, explore the new situation of the world Chinese service, open the new situation of the world’s Chinese service business; second, aim at the target, continue to promote the development of the top ten sectors of the first city; third, put this event As the heavy and important tasks, strengthen promotion promotion, promote the festival of China Thanksgiving, dull Western-related stages; fourth, strong roots, began to shoot "World Chinese Friends" video song in the first city 128 artists participate in singing, exhibiting works, etc. As a shooting physical background; fifth, compliance management, work according to law.

Continuously around me to do realistic practice activities for the Chinese, and the spirit of eating the spirit of the conference will be implemented in depth. (Zheng Jinfeng Chen Shengwangxiang River) Disclaimer: The market is risky, and you need to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.