Xu Hongzhi, director of the Inner Mongolia Health Committee: Manzhouli epidemic welcomes

Xu Hongzhi, director of the Inner Mongolia Health Committee: Manzhouli epidemic welcomes

Secretary of the Party Group of the Health and Health Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Director Xu Hongzhi. Mei Gang came from the current situation. The diagnosed cases in Manchuria have a large age span, the smallest 3 months, the largest, including 85 cases over 60 years old.

Children have higher proportion, less than 14 years old, accounting for 49 cases. The proportion of severe patients over 60 years old is larger, and the proportion of no vaccination inoculation in severe patients is relatively high. There are very many basic diseases in the patient. There are many special situations in cases, such as maternal, cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, mental patients, etc.

"We completely follow the national eighth version of the diagnosis and treatment standard, one person, especially for one person in the important patient, under the guidance of the National Expert Group, all right to treat it.

Xu Hongzhi said.

In response to the opening of medical institutions, Xu Hongzhi said that it has been transformed a coal mine hospital prior to Manzhouli, which is also enabled, and 2 researchers have been launched.

Two rehabilitation hospitals were also transformed, and the treatment of subsequent rehabilitation treatment was carried out. A total of 5 medical institutions were put into treatment. Xu Hongzhi said that the country attaches great importance to this Manzhouli epidemic. The first time the national guidance team rushed to Manzhouli, and the first time the excellent expert was transferred to medical guidance.

Alliances in the autonomous region also sent medical team support, and more than 2,000 medical staff conducted medical treatment in Manzhouli. Xu Hongzhi focused on the prevention and control of port epidemic.

He said that it is necessary to perform in accordance with the relevant scheme of port prevention and control formulated by the State Council.

Established a port epidemic prevention and control, realizing a single-port, a pair of strategies, a pair of processes to enter the port, and put the port prevention and control measures is implemented. To further strengthen the links of port people, the car and closed-loop management, solid implementing these measures. To register all the registration of personnel transportation and production in the port area, a closed-loop management, encrypting the frequency of nucleic acid detection.

To strictly rigorously the flow management of the port personnel, there should be a 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative certificate.

To strengthen the epidemic prevention and control multi-point trigger mechanism in the port area, once there is an epidemic, the relevant departments launched nucleic acid detection, isolation observation, etc., and found that positive infections, the propagation scope will shrink.

To enhance the emergency response capabilities in the port area, including medical institutions, nucleic acid detection capacity improvement, fluid surveys, traceability, isolation hotel preparations. To strengthen cold chain and non-cold chain food, the control of items, the prevention and control measures of entry, warehousing, transportation, processing, sales, etc. are in place.

All port regions are going to simulate emergency drills in mid-December.

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