The judiciary is a multi-resolution dispute between the Guangdong court of the people and warmth.

The judiciary is a multi-resolution dispute between the Guangdong court of the people and warmth.

  "Thanks to the courts and departments to the concern of our Taiwan-funded enterprises, the success of disputes, let us hang down.

"The representative of Jiangmen Co., Ltd." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "The representative of Jiangmen Technological Company said. Recently, the Guangdong Heshan Court successfully promoted a discontinuation of disputes in the implementation of disputes.

On the morning of November 17th, the parties were sent to the Heshan Court to express the expressions of the "fair law enforcement and warmth" and "judicial justice and harmony". This is the implementation of the Heshan Court’s good-ended civilization. According to law, it is the specific embodiment of doing a good job of doing a good job in the masses. It is also the "two-strait pro-" concept, implement the principle of equal protection, and strive to provide judicial guarantee for bilateral compatriots.

  Four years ago, the parties were disputed by the land border of the factory. After the judgment is entry into force, the executive has not promptly fulfilled the judgment determined, enters the enforcement program, and the implementation target is the wall on the land of the land for the demolition.

Executive judge Mai Guoxing on-site survey found that the executor and application executor landd by 4-5 meters, the retaining wall built by the executive is actually to prevent the role of the earth, the role of solid foundation, forced to remove the retaining wall Will have a safety hazard, causing greater losses to both parties.

At the same time, I also learned that after the lawsuit, the parties have joined the sword.

If the legitimate rights and interests of the company cannot be redeemed in time, the municipal business environment will have a negative impact, and the forced implementation will exacerbate the contradiction between the two sides. In order to promote harmony between adjacent companies, the normal production and operation, the member of the Heshan Court Party, Vice President, Director of the Executive Board, the relevant comrades of the Executive Board, develop a solution, innovation, and implement the way, many times Comrade with the special committee’s warmth, the implementation of judge Mai Guoxing, and launched a multi-cultural mechanism, actively took the initiative and the United Front Department, and the local town street. After the Heshan Court, the Heshan Municipal Committee, the Heshan Municipal Committee and the Heshan City Government jointly strived, and the parties in both parties finally signed an agreement, and the grievances of the four years were substantially resolved. After the banner, the deputy dean of Zhu Zhongqi, the deputy director of the Heshan Municipal Committee, and Li Hanwen, the Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau, were exchanged in accordance with the legal rights of legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.

  Since this year, the Heshan Court adheres to the people-oriented thinking, actively carrying out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", and continues to promote the substantive operation of multi-decolving mechanisms, strengthen the linkage, cohesion consensus, formation of cooperation, pay attention to the law Unity, understand the people’s worries, protect the people, and warm the people. In the implementation of the complaints in the implementation of the two sides, the case has prompted the parties to hold hands-speaking and make the company’s energy to focus on development, which helps enterprises to take the rule of law, and make the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwan-funded enterprises to effectively guarantee. A good legal business environment, and more powerful enhanced the feelings of blood on both sides of the people. Source: 湃 News Articles Source: 湃 News Responsibility Editor: Li Xin.