Yongan, Yongan: Compound "Forest Changzhi" to achieve "Lin Changzhi"

Yongan, Yongan: Compound "Forest Changzhi" to achieve "Lin Changzhi"

People’s Daily Network Changsha September 8 Early Early Early, Liuyang City, Yong’an Town, Yongan Town, Yong’an Town, Yong’an Town, opened "Foreble WeChat Group", and communicating communication with forests in the group.

This group of forests, "子", carefully guarded every forest of Yong’an. Yonghe’s forestman inquired: "Yong’an Town Yonghe Village Yangjiao Royway, there are three close-dependent big age. Due to the construction needs of the house, it may be cut off." Village Lin Chang Shao Hu Hong immediately held a beautiful house The construction will solicit opinions, and finally, everyone decided to leave the "green" that I originally needed to be erased in the construction of the house.

The Yangjiao Building is three trees, they have grown in the middle of the two water ponds, and they will return the folks and love with their thick green.

At present, Yong’an Town has established the town village two-level forest long system, town, village forest general’s responsibilities, close cooperation, and become a "first long" of the heavy responsibility; 5 shelters and 12 volunteers, "see the needle" Green, green, and become a "combatator".

On this basis, Yongan established a forest-long meeting system that improved normalization and coordinated linkage, and screwing multiple departments into a rope with the "integrated" pattern, and jointly created the Guardian "Connected Forest".

On the other hand, Yong’an Lin’s "ecological bonus" is fully released through the improvement of ecological environment and the convergence of one or two industries, and has achieved the win-win situation of forestry protection and farmers.

In the Yong’an Town, Yong’an Town, Liuyang City met the childhood scenic spots in these days. In the past few days, the tourist season, the Lutang Village car fields were in Shuangquan, but he did not only see a good job in Mei Valley. 5,000 shares gave to his home were more worth money. This now became a "Mei Lao Valley" of the net red card. It has more than two thousand acres of chestnut forest. It has been planted in 20 years, with a total area of ??2,000 mu, divided into four forest farms. The village will be contracted to the villagers to obtain a rent of 80 yuan per mu. Five years ago, through the consent of all villagers, 2000 acres of slabs of Lily has been transferred to the village established by Liuyang City Land Professional Cooperatives, and established Hunan Shaxuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., implementing company-working operations.

The 378 villagers of Litang Village is all shareholders of cooperatives and companies. In addition to the company, the people can get the company dividend at least 3,000 yuan at the end of the company.

In addition, there is also a group of Dagan Towel Group, leading the villagers to reclaim the villagers and old oil tea forests. It took a month to build a good forest, with an area of ??19 mu, It greatly enhances the size of the group-level collective economy. "Through Lin Chang, Yongan should effectively solve the internal organism problems of forest resources, long-term development issues and coordination coordination, realize the forest management, the tree has a man, responsible." Liuyang Yongan Town Party Committee member, deputy town Chang Shao Zhiqiang said.

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