World-class drama master name

World-class drama master name

  "Drama Olympics" is the most influential drama exchange activities in today’s international influence, and is the only cultural project that is allowed to crown with "Olympic".

This year, Beijing has received the host rights of the 6th drama Olympics. The international event of this drama opened on November 1st. At that time, 45 top scratches from 22 countries and regions in the world will be in the National Grand Theater, Poly Theater. , 17 theaters such as Changan Grand Cinema, Tianqiao Theater. In order to better appreciate these works, we will understand them before they are named by these masters. Play: "Bounded Prometheus" master: Telzbros (Greece) Keywords: body drama time: November 6th, 7th place: Changan Grand Theater Run Review: Terzbros is the most famous Greece The tragic artist, the world famous drama directive, established Attents, and represents the "female priest" performed in 1986, causing attention.

Nowadays, Attic Troupe has been touched abroad.

In 1993, Telzbros began long-term as Chairman of the Olympic International Commission. Play: "Group" master: Bimov (Russia) Keywords: Life time: December 19th, 20th: Tianqiao Theater Runtera: Former Soviet Union, Qunyu Artist, Russian National Drama Award Guardian Winner Limov died on October 5 this year, and the year was 98 years old. Foremeform originally plans to come to Beijing to participate in the drama Olympics in mid-December.

Regrettably, the master’s sudden passed, making countless admire his Chinese drama people and the audience missed the opportunity to meet him.

The last one of the last legacy of Bimova, the performance of the "group" in Beijing, China has also become an out-of-print performance. When "Magic" was first in Russia, including Russian President Putin, Prime Minister Medvedev, Italian President George Napolitano, Moscow Mayor Sabian and other political and literary people It is very moving, a miracle on the global drama stage. Play: "Krap’s last disc belt" master: Robert Wilson (US) Keywords: Beckt Time: December 6th, 7th Location: Guobet Wilson is the most important drama in the world And one of visual artists.

His work has won the praise of audience and critics around the world.

Wilson’s hand painting, oil painting and sculpture have been displayed in hundreds of independent and collective exhibitions around the world, and his work is also treated by museums and private collections in the world. The absurd drama master of the world affects Samuel Becker, and Zeng Zi praised "Wilson Beckt is far more." Play: "Big Nose Love" Master: Suzuki Zhongzhi (Japan) Keywords: Suzuki Actor Training Time: November 11th, 12th, November 15th, 16th Location: Changan Grand Theater Run Comments: Suzuki Zhongzhi is not only one of the most influential drama director of the world, but also a creative thinker and entrepreneur, and his philosophical concept has a strong impact on the drama around the world. Suzuki loyalty According to Shakespeare’s original deletion and adapted to the modern drama "Lear" on November 15th, on the 16th at the Changan Dynasty. The drama is rich in bell loyalty style and color, which describes the scene of an old man in life. Play: "Salt" Master: Youkino Barbar Keywords: World Experimental Theater Callief Time: November 26th, 27th Location: Beijing Human Art Experimental Theater Runtera: "Famous Director Lai Shengchuan once said:" Yunnuo · Barbar is a teachial person of the World Experimental Theater. From do decades, he insists on his unique drama creation. The Ondote Theater is a collection of artists, and the ‘performance exchange’ of the "performance exchange" they created The world drama collection contributed extremely valuable non-material heritage.

"Andum:" Sound of Music ": Andrew Lloyd Weber (United Kingdom) Keywords: Musical Time: December 21st: Northern Theater Runtera Review: Closing Performance is the top master of the world music drama Andrew Weber Handicated Broadway Classic Musical Music "Voice of Music".

This household-known musical opera is well known in the Chinese audience, the sound of music, "Lonely Shepherd", "Snow Rock Flower", "Mi Mi" and other songs become a well-deserved century gold song. The entry of "Drama Olympics" was international drama activities initiated by world famous drama director, drama writer Terzble, Suzuo Zhongzhib, Robert Wilson, etc. in 1994, aimed at promoting the development of world drama art.

In 1995, the first "Olympics" was held in Athens, Greece, and held once every four years, has become a high-level drama performance in all countries in the world, academic discussion. The drama Olympics is headquartered in Athens, Greece, Chairman is Tel Zabos; the Affairs Bureau is located in the world famous Drama Event Center – Japan Lishan Room, responsible for comprehensive contact work.