Why didn’t Pinggu Daxingzhuang Town do not have outdoor trash?

Why didn’t Pinggu Daxingzhuang Town do not have outdoor trash?

Original title: Why didn’t Pinggu Daxingzhuang Town do not have outdoor trash? Zhou Zhuangzi Village, Daxingzhuang Town, Pinggu District, opened the trash can to go to the residents of the residents. The 10th anniversary of the Beijing garbage classification of Daxingzhuang Town, Pinggu District, went into the Township Daxingzhuang Town, Pinggu Daxiazhuang Town, Pinggu, Northern Youth Daily observed that there was no classified trash.

After understanding the foundation, last year, combined with the beautiful rural creation work, the characteristics of rural areas, Daxingzhuang Town explored the implementation of "garbage not landing", all returned all the outdoor garbage buckets in each village, and distributed indoor classification garbage for each household Bucket, one set, respectively, "kitchen waste" bucket and "other garbage" buckets, each 12L capacity, requires the villagers to carry out garbage sorted by the villagers in the area, and the village cleaning staff is fixed to the door to collect garbage, And guide the garbage classification.

  "The awareness of the awareness of garbage classification is difficult.

In the first place, when we put the trash can, on the one hand, some villagers’ classification is insufficient, and the accuracy rate of launch is not high; the other hand is easy to taste, sometimes it is easy to stain the ground, which affects the village of the village … "For why the outdoor garbage bucket is recovered, Wang Guijin, Daxingzhuang Town, Zhen Wang Guijin," We take this kind of "fixed-point place" home to standardize garbage collection method, reduce the disease organisms and secondary Pollution, but also facing farmers to face, to improve the awareness of villagers’ active classification. "

  Now, the cleaning staff have a trash can car, accompanied by music in the speaker, and residents know that the cleansing staff should be delivered to the door, they will always prepare their own classification trash can.

"The songs of each of our villages are still different. Some is ‘Honghu Water Waves’, some are the sound of the cleaning staff to record, and now everyone has formed a natural reaction." Bai literature, deputy towns, Daxingzhuang Town, said. It is reported that from May last May, Daxing Zhuang Town will use three villages of Zhou Zhuangzi, Liangzhuang, Xibai, and promote "garbage not landing" model. "It is not suitable when you start, it is now fully habit.

Every time I have dinner, our family is now putting two pots, a basin is in a bub, a basin, a food, a long time, and the child can actively classize.

"Zhou Zhuangzi Village villagers Lu Yan said. Text / This reporter Lin Yan (Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gao Xing).