[Anti-wind flying] Let the party flag flutter in the anti-vloal

[Anti-wind flying] Let the party flag flutter in the anti-vloal

  "As a communist party, it is also a medical worker. We know the arduousness and importance of this battle. I am a party member, I take the lead, and the party members of the branch will come, and they will fight, resolutely complete the organization arrangement. All tasks of work.

I believe that there is a party committee, government support, as well as our medical staff and the patient’s joint efforts, we must defeat the epidemic. "Branch Secretary Longbo said.

  In front of the severe epidemics, each Communist Party member of the branch strives to prevent and control the first front, lead the geese.

"At this time, our party members don’t rush it." Who is rushing? "I have worked for 10 days in the isolation ward." The nurse Changzhou Zhanglan said. "As a party member and medical staff, the epidemic is the assembly number, we must The charge is before. Standing in front line, I am proud and proud, which reflects the responsibility and responsibility of party members. As a long-standing nurse, there is a can’t finish every day, can’t finish the heart. Process planning, hospitality prevention and control, The training of supporters, the care guidance of critically ill patients, all the staff’s eating Drazard and psychological counseling. Someone asked me, you have been in the past 10th year, I am hungry in the ward; Someone asked me, do you remember this year’s first blessing? To tell the truth, I really don’t remember, because I don’t have time to watch my mobile phone, I have not taken time to call my parents and my family, more afraid of relaxing.

My husband is also the staff of the hospital. He also wants to go to work, but also take care of two children, but he understands and supports my work. Although I want to be very calling, I can fight the epidemic in front line. I feel bitter. Point value! "In the isolation area, it may be the reason why wearing protective clothing and glasses. I work more than others. The glasses are so blurred. The lens is directly attached to the right eye. Basically, the whole right eye is not open. The pain of my eyes makes my tears, the lens is all fog and water, but I can’t rub it. When I infuse the patient, I can only follow one eye operation. With the help of teammates, I finally completed the work of this shift. After nearly 6 hours, we have taken off the clothes, drink the water, go to the toilet, see the patient who is about to restore the discharge, often silently flowing excited tears, I really feel proud and proud.

"Communist Zhang Juan and medical staff are in this case where patients carefully care and treatment. Zhang Juan often encourages yourself:" Come on, think about the situation when you think of SARS, the earthquake, I can, there is no difficulty Overcome.