There is a bridge to travel

There is a bridge to travel

  When passing through Shamarada Bridge, 54-year-old, according to the fire, Harne and the old mana, specially slowed down, and stroked the bridge guard wall, while listening carefully to the flow of flows under the bridge. The old people of the two people are in the village of Shamarada, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. This creek under the bridge, the two have not had a few times. In August, in August, the two were carrying peppers, from the home of the mountain, I took it out of nearly two hours, but I was stopped by the creek in front of you.

  Over the water. Even the sun, it is covered with mud at the foot of the fire, and the legs are also splashed on the legs.

"I didn’t expect water to rise so much", Aji Ke flatday words, people are very steady, "I don’t have water today?" "What is going on, I’ve been two hours, Shamarada Railway Station Just three or four hundred meters long! "If you go to the water, you will go in the water, you can step more, the deeper the water.

Suddenly, I was rushing in the water, and I almost fell.

Aji on the shore couldn’t help but shout: "Go back!" Fortunately, after the fire, after Harce, I went out of the deep water area.

Now I want to come, Aji Ke still feel very afraid.

"If people have been held, or fell, what can I do?" Chengkun Railway passed from the vicinity of Shamarada Village, a list of "slow trains" became the first choice for local people. However, villagers want to go to Shamarada Railway Station, and must pass this creek.

Many people in the village have been there. Sometimes the water is too large, and the village cadres will notify the villagers to do not let the villagers do not let the water. "It’s not the same now, I have this bridge and road.

"Aji Ke look back, the mountain valley, a five-step cement bridge steadily across the river, nearly 90 meters long.

Newly repair cement road from the mountain, about two kilometers long; looking forward, 300 meters of cement road circles, extending to the railway line.

  When I arrived at the platform of Shamarada Railway Station, the sun in the mountains just climbed up the hillside, and the dew is still hanging on the tip. A whispering, the green "slow train" just slowly passed.

  "Where did you come from?" I took the scorpion according to fire, and I talked about an old man sitting opposite. "I am from Niob Station, I will buy things in the town of Xide County.

"The old man answers." It is more convenient, we have repaired the road here, you can go to the station.

"Aji Ke inserted. On the side of the fire, Harne added:" The road of Niwa is also very good, every time you come to the train from them! "It is understood that in response to the inconvenience of the people along the city along the Chengkun Railway, Sichuan Province vigorously promoted the construction of road road construction in Liangshanzhou" Slow Train "site, strengthening the interconnection of the site and adjacent road network, and turning through the" last kilometer " .

Since 2019, Sichuan Province has been investing in the central and provincial budgets to invest billions of dollars and build a total of nearly 58 kilometers.

  "Today, only in Xide County, 10 small stations have invested more than 42 million yuan, and the new station road km.

"The Deputy Director of the Xidian County Transportation Bureau said.

  "It’s going to stand immediately, and the station is not far from the concentration of Shimen Village, where we live.

"According to the fire. Since the first year, it is easy to relocate to resettlement points. Now the two older gratities will take the" slow train "back to the old home every two or three days, look at the pepper tree in the home.

  The whistle sounds, the train slowly stops by the Xidide station, and the two have a laughter and under the car ….