Shen Zhiyue raised his eyes:“Why do you feel that you can’t beat others?Do you think your acting skills are not good?”

Lu Shanshan does not deny,Nod directly:“Yes,I feel that I am far from others。Actually, Brother Liang deliberately asked me to change roles with him,Actually it’s not necessary to change,Just want people to see,How bad i am,Sorry,Yue Ge,Shame you。”
Shen Zhiyue frowned:“You let Brother Liang press on your head,How will you make a good movie next。”
Lu Shanshan shook her head:“Is not,I think if I have always been in this state,I think even if you give me more part,I can’t play well either。”
Shen Zhiyue thinks Lu Shanshan has this consciousness,not bad。
“You played female roles before,Coming and going all serve the protagonist,Just cooperate with the protagonist。And now in film and television works,The images of women are very single。They look like beautiful vases,Or poor people。Even the three heroines of Gu Sanpai now,They are not very good characters,Too rigid。Even women with families,But not just for family transfer,They also have their own ideas。”
Lu Shanshan frowned:“I think you should have a good experience of a girl’s life。For their family,Can really give up everything。”
Shen Zhiyue asked:“What do you think,Girls just for home?”
Lu Shanshan said:“At least I think Gu San’s three roles revolve around the home。Even if it’s not for home,I don’t think they have much selves。”
Chapter Two Hundred Suppress
Shen Zhiyue followed Lu Shanshan’s thoughts,Asked:“So you think?”
Lu Shanshan nodded:“I think this male character should be used as a guide。If they are more passive,Colder character,That relative,We have to be enthusiastic here。”
Shen Zhiyue thinks Lu Shanshan has found the feeling,He asked:“Then what will you tell Gu San later?”
“I think we should let Gu San make a little bit about my inner path,I think I’m not just a scumbag。”