Lu Ban can’t stand the look in his eyes,Looked back at the dark and damp stairs,It seems that it is safer to go in。

Being handsome can be troublesome sometimes。
Entered the second floor,I suddenly felt that this is indeed a place for performances。
Performance stage,Audience seat,Neat and tidy,Even every stool,Every floor is polished brightly。
Director Liang wants to go backstage。
It’s a pity to be stopped by a woman。
“I am looking for Gaoshan。”
“Sorry,People who come here are looking for Gaoshan,I’m still looking for running water。”
“I have an appointment with Gao Shan to meet today。”
“uncle,Don’t you fool me,How can I meet two guests like you in a month,But rules are rules,Teacher Gao is creating,Can’t enter when he is creating,This is the rule。”
The woman’s voice is a bit high,Hands on hips,Mercilessly。
Lu Ban tugged Liang Kesheng’s arm。
“Liang Dao,Nothing,We wait。”
“This handsome guy is still sensible。”
The woman smiled and moved chairs for the three of them:“You guys come from outside?”
“How do you know that we are from outside?”Lu Ban smiled,Chatted with a woman。