My name is the wings of death,Destiny Destroyer,The terminator of all things,Unstoppable,Irreversible,I am Cataclysm!

One last look at the world I love,The once king of black dragon steps into the abyss of elements。
Although he has a firm determination and a will to regret,But Nesario does not have a complete plan of his own。
But it does not matter。
His black and white brothers have。
The Eternal Dragon King is waiting for him to make his final determination in the deep rock continent。
There is not much time left for Nesario。
at the same time,Neltharion and Nozdormu were not the only ones who noticed the changes in the power of the Moon God。
The wild wolf that once bit the incarnation of the moon god。
In the vanilla age where the well of eternity is still alive,The moon god Elune walks on the earth。
He was peaceful at that time,Tolerance,Full of curiosity about this small world。
So for a little wolf who is grinning at himself,Luna Elune was curious。
Curious what it will do next。
Because of peace and tolerance,So on the premise that Goldrinn bit himself,Elune just pulled out Goldrinn’s mouthful teeth。
This is just ancient times,Only a little story about Elune and Goldrinn。
But exploded in this well of eternity,The era when the Great Ward of Azeroth is about to shatter,Goldrinn, who had eaten the flesh and blood of the moon god Elune, noticed the change.。
The vengeful wolf god leaves the material world,Go to the Emerald Dream。
It remembers Elune’s taste,When this smell is bleak,Means that the moon god no longer looks at the emerald dream。
Then a qualified and vengeful wolf,What should be done?