His current pain is only a little,Up or down,Push or not。

On the surface he is very indifferent,In fact, my heart is very intense。
Face such a beautiful woman,And as long as he takes the initiative,Just let it go,Say goodbye to two lifetime virgins。
But he has so many worries,Afraid of a leisurely and beautiful life in the future,Affected by these emotional bullshit things。
Conceivable,How painful he is。
Seemingly unexpected,Lin Dong would say something like this,Seems different from before。
Looks like Brother Adong has really changed!
Took a sip of coffee,She said again:“Don’t go around me,I understand you don’t want me to blame myself,I’m sorry for the feelings between us,I know。”
Lin Dong Wenyan,Suddenly remembered a word,So I smiled slightly,Said:“I choose to give up first,So can’t blame you,You are still holding on。
Actually it’s plain,Both of us should be ashamed,We all love ourselves,Finally surpassed love love!”
As if stunned,Thinking of Lin Dong’s words。
Isn’t it that loving yourself is better than loving love?!
If you really value love,Inevitably desperate,Even humble,Even humble!
Short silence,As if finally gritted his teeth,As if I made a decision in my heart。
“Adong,My body,I want to give you……”
Say this sentence,Like a flushed face,Used the utmost courage。
Lin Dong listened,But the heartbeat is speeding up,Dry mouth,Some thinking disorder,Short head。
Time seems to stop,Silence in the small living room,Weird atmosphere。