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Wen Wei Masterful

Wen Wei Wang – This is a trailer, but oh the concept is so compelling!

Wen Wei Dance’s work reflects a multiplicity of dance and social experiences. Each creation is influenced by a natural evolution of personal identity, and strives to reflect the underlying experience of social, cultural and personal development. Wen Wei Dance creates startling and provocative performance works of a distinctive trans-cultural sensibility. With an original and highly individual style, Artistic Director Wen Wei Wang fuses precise and subtle choreography with stunning visual design and music, turning each work into a rich and unique world.

🙂 :: Wen Wei Dance

Inga Petermann

Tribal Prague 2012

Moira Chappell

BDSS – Duisberg, Germany 2008

Pentaphobe Classic

I Cash Radii:

He’s Fantastic

“Set Fire” is the latest video by dubstep dancer NONSTOP (aka Marquese Scott).