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Beyonce @ Revel Atlantic City – End of Time

Now That’s A Look!

Bad Boy Bass

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Now That’s A Look!


Latcho Drom pt18 – Pajaro Negro

I just found my copy. Yip!

Illan Rivière

Can’t remember if I’ve posted this young man in the past, seems I intended to when I first discovered him, if I hadn’t then I’ll remedy that now that I’ve been reminded about his skills – hat tip to Minya for the suggestion.

From France, eighteen-year-old Illan Rivière started very young in belly dance and is currently moving into tribal-fusion. He is mesmerizing to watch. Music by Mercan Dede.

Correction, Minya just texted that he’s now 19, and was a hit at TribalFest12! Here’s the Vid of the Imajaghan duo:

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Mass Movement

This is gorgeous fusion!

The Movement … have arrived!
The UK’s latest dance phenomenon has arrived. 16 remarkable dancers fusing dance disciplines from street to contemporary/ballet are taking the world of dance to an entirely new level – that has never been seen before. Under the direction of MM’s Creative Director, Christian Storm, a quintet of respected industry Choreographers – all highly acclaimed in their own genres – Aaron Sillis & Helen Dixon, Jono + Kirsty and John Graham have combined their astonishing skills and talent to bring about a ‘supergroup’ and create a remarkable and stunning new concept in dance.

The Tree of Life

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Magician: Steven Arnold

Steven F. Arnold, originally from California, was a multi-media artist, a spiritualist, a gender bender (a person who transgresses gender roles sex). He was the protege of Salvador Dali. the range of his talent is expressed through painting, drawing, photography, rock music, movie posters, makeup, costume design, set design and film. He is best known for his surreal photographic tableaux living in black and white created in his “Studio Zanzibar” in Los Angeles, mounted in an old pretzel factory.

Steven F. Arnold (1943 - 1994) autoportrait

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Turkish Festival This Sunday – Downtown Reno

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Now That’s A Look!

Dschinghis Khan (1979)

Too funny!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

The spy from Cairo “Alladin Dub”

BEAUTIFUL lead off track for the full album “ARABADUB” May 29th 2012

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The Mutaytor Plays the Underground

Saturday May 5th – that’s right Cinco de Mayo – joining Cirque Du Mar at the Underground.

Featuring: Blackrock City Allstars, Carnival Games, Dragonfly Aerials, Boho Hoops, Photobooth, D6 – Dr. Jones – MAXX Polishuk – Coachking – Jek Yellowhair and ADM with the Bumpreno crew – Heidilicious – Jeremy Curl – Dusty Bacon – Alcheme… and more.

Tickets are just 15.00 in advance or 20.00 at the door. See you at the Underground!

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