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Now That’s A Look!

Trifecta: First Holly, Then Bolly, Now Nollywood

Updated: I’ve pulled the video and offer the link to the TED site, as I didn’t know how to turn off the autoplay feature to the embed feed. Its a good segment!

Zambia-born filmmaker Franco Sacchi tours us through Nollywood, Nigeria’s booming film industry (the world’s 3rd largest). Guerrilla filmmaking and brilliance under pressure from crews that can shoot a full-length feature in a week.

Watcha Clan presents “Live on Radio Babel”

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Grinning ear-to-ear – This weekend was amazing and gratifying. SEEDs class was amazingly productive, and we’re very stoked at the advances the girls are achieving. Adult class this evening was no less energizing! So proud!!

Thank you all. You inspire me.

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Tango! DWTS: Karina Smirnoff & Jose Manuel

🙂 :: This is great! And I love the Gotan Project

Now That’s A Look!

Brigitte Helm - Metropolis 1927


Bess Kargman’s award-winning documentary FIRST POSITION follows six young dancers as they prepare for a chance to enter the world of professional ballet through one of the world’s most prestigious ballet competitions. Nothing short of perfection is expected, while they struggle through bloodied feet, near exhaustion, debilitating injuries, and the drama of adolescence. A showcase of awe-inspiring talent, tenacity and passion, FIRST POSITION paints a thrilling and moving portrait of the most gifted young ballet stars of tomorrow.

First Position – Trailer

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🙂 :: the Subtle Art of Self-Delusion

Image: Acrobats by Dariusz Klimczak


🙂 :: Kwadrart – Dariusz Klimczak


in which Agnes discovers her complete fondness for the new stylist...

Joaquin & Antonio Mulero

Their precision is fantastic. Can’t decide if the poor video adds or detracts from the overall effect.

Now That’s A Look!

Amon Tobin – Calculate

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Improvization: Chaz Buzan is Amazing

Dželem Dželem – Roma National Song

In honor of Roma Nation Day.


Preserving the culture through dance.

Now That’s A Look!



Film Screening: Joffrey Mavericks of American Dance

Sierra Cinemas, Nevada City, Sun Apr 22 – JOFFREY: MAVERICKS OF AMERICAN DANCE – 1 hr 28 min – Unrated. A look at the Joffrey Ballet, the groundbreaking cultural treasure known as the first truly American dance company. Narrated by Tony and Emmy Award winner Mandy Patinkin and directed by Bob Hercules (Bill T. Jones: A Good Man), the film documents how the Joffrey revolutionized American ballet by daringly combining modern dance with traditional ballet technique, combining art with social statement and setting ballets to pop and rock music scores. The film features rare excerpts from many seminal Joffrey works including Astarte, Trinity and Billboards. As a special treat, Nevada County natives Michael Levine and Maia Wilkins, alumni of the Joffrey Ballet, will be present to talk about their experiences and answer questions.

Co-founded in 1956 by visionary teacher Robert Joffrey and dancer Gerald Arpino, who would become their principal choreographer, The Joffrey Ballet began as a DIY dance company of six dancers touring the United States in a borrowed station wagon. What started as a childhood dream quickly grew into one of the world’s most exciting and prominent ballet companies. Together, Joffrey and Arpino transformed the face of dance with bold new perspectives for edgy ballets that challenged conventions. Aggressive touring took the Company from school auditoriums across America’s Heartland, to the White House at Jacqueline Kennedy’s invitation, and on to Russia for a month-long tour during the height of the Cold War, and beyond. They also garnered extensive media attention for their daring originality, which included appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, the cover of Time magazine, and in major motion pictures such as Save the Last Dance and Robert Altman’s The Company (which is based on the Joffrey).

Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance weaves a wealth of rare archival footage and photographs along with interviews featuring former and current Joffrey star dancers, showing the full history of the Company from its founding to the present. It describes how the Joffrey repeatedly resurrected itself after devastating financial and artistic setbacks and introduced cutting-edge choreographers such as Twyla Tharp, Laura Dean and Margo Sappington to larger audiences.

The film features rare excerpts from many seminal Joffrey works including Astarte, Trinity and Billboards, as well as breakthrough collaborations with choreographers Twyla Tharp (Deuce Coupe), Kurt Jooss (The Green Table) and Leonide Massine (Parade).

Bonnie Raitt’s “Right Down The Line”

🙂 :: A short film by SteveLippman/FLIP

OK Go – Skyscrapers – Official Video

Yea Tango!

L’Odyssée de Cartier

Цекало и Puttin` отожгли на Воробьевых горах

Extravagant Russian FlashMob “Putting on the Ritz”:

Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet, posted with vodpod

The stunning beauty of physics in action. Pure grace.


Tevin Campbell, 1990 “Round & Round”

L Martina Young will be hosting a dance lab in May that I am very excited about: 100 GESTURES: a poetics of the body, an ethics of compassion. Here’s the PDF flyer (click the image) with the deets, and links to Martina’s website and registration page at Yoga Loka:

🙂 :: Discover Martina here, and find the registration info @ Yoga Loka

Now That’s A Look!