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Today, Nevada’s Senate Bill 140, which bans texting and hand-held cellphone use in the car went into effect. $50 dollar fine for the first offense. So a few months ago I purchased an earbud in preparation, which I promptly misplaced – uh, no cracks! Decided then then to overcome my aversion and look into headphones. Yowza! I’m sold!

Did a little online research and bought myself a Bluetooth version that has me driving hands-free, but wait! – I can also sync it to my laptop or iPod and dance anywhere around the house completely wire-free! No more worries over ear-buds falling out, or trying to decide which [if any] pockets to put the iPod in. Can also watch movies, or listen to podcasts or music without disturbing Tink. They’re perfect for me, and I consider them dollars well spent.

šŸ™‚ :: P.S. That’s not me in the photo!

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