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Recent arrivals that have knocked me over!

Natacha Atlas - Mounqaliba Rising: The Remixes

Amazing! A major keeper.

Midival Punditz - Hello Hello


Diana King - Tougher Than Love


🙂 :: Further thoughts:

No doubt you’ve noticed that I am in “Music mode”. My task today – one of them at any rate, was primarily aimed at putting together a playlist of my fav tunes for the wedding reception. I have HOURS of music that I love! but will it translate to a wedding party? yIkes!!

So, I sent out an email to asking for assist from close friends and what I got in return were suggestions from Frank Sinatra; ABBA, to the Village People; regular pop culture stuff that I typically don’t follow.

But look at what I’ve discovered in my travels! So perfect for my library, but for my party?

You tell me…

Amy Winehouse: You Know I’m No Good – Live


Har Ek Baat – Karsh Kale & Midival Punditz (Live at Paleo Fest 09)

Madeon – Pop Culture (Dance Video)

Que Veux-Tu (Madeon remix) by Yelle

Radio guy: Martin Starr
Dancers: Nathan Barnatt, Jenny Fine.


Now That’s A Look!

Olive Borden, silent film star nicknamed "The Joy Girl"

She was a distant cousin to Lizzy Borden.

Random Rab – Jewel of Now

🙂 :: So beautiful.

Los Angeles Ballet – Sonya Tayeh “My Greatest Fear”

David Hallberg – Bolshoi Ballet’s First American Dancer

David Hallberg, principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre will become the first American dancer to join the Russian Bolshoi Ballet Company.

Why Can’t We Live Together?

RIP Troy Anthony Davis.

“Why Can’t We Live Together” feat Petra Phillipson by NickodemusNYC

🙂 ::

Wedding Album Photos


Managed to upload a bunch of new wedding shots onto Flickr but am having a glitch configuring the widget to display properly, so here’s a link to more playa goodness: Tink & Cha’s Wedding Album

Dear Temple of Transition [Burning Man 2011]

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Now That’s A Look!

Karsavina posing in costume for "Firebird"

Adolph Bolm and Thamara Karsavina in Firebird 1911 : E.O. Hoppé

Miss Violet Scrap

She Got It! She amazing!!


I love it! 75:25 technique to costume ratio is my bet! Any takers?

AMAZING Giant Hula Hoop Skills

I love accomplished performers who dance with props, when the prom transforms into a partner instead of a shield or a showcase item that’s meant to hide behind. Dancing with a prop is very very difficult.

I recall the first time I watched Myra live dance with a veil, I was transfixed! Have never much cared for veil work, as it always struck me as an exercise in fluff, but watching Myra’s artistry, the veil came alive with life that danced along side with her, not merely around her. I caught my breath just watching.

This comes really close, especially towards the end. Beautiful!


I liked the music very much also.

🙂 :: h/t to Gemini for the find!

Relu Balkan – Music Hall Beirut

Chehade Brothers ft. Relu Balkan – Setti

Tink & Cha’s Playa Wedding

We’ve Done Did It!

What an amazing and unexpected experience.


To our fuchsia Bridesmaids, the entire Reno Housewives crew; Lauren; The Popcorn Palace for catering!; our attendants, and attendees:

Thank you! for sharing some very special and memorable moments with us. Lauren, as ever, you are superlative and I am so grateful to you for honoring us both by officiating our ceremony. You all are truly in our hearts for standing witness to our love and union of commitment – That’s the amazing part, and we both feel so honored by your support and love.

Credit: P Ricciardi

The unexpected aspect came from the new awareness that each of us now has of being married. We’ve been together for 7 years now, and we each didn’t expect that this type of ceremonious declaration would have much impact, but it has to a degree! The best way that I know to describe, is that there seems to be some unseen tendril of new intimacy that deepens the everyday connections. Like a quiet awareness. At least, that is how it feels to me anyway, and I’m sure Tink has his own take it, but there definitely is a subtle difference.

What a remarkable day! Preps were low-drama, but of course last-minute playa-time being what it is, we arrived at the appointed spot after our guests and loved-ones. One of the multitudes of items I had neglected to print off before leaving town was our ceremony and vows, which Lauren had conscientiously sent to me for edits, so I had to handwrite transcribe them from my laptop so she could officiate. Lauren, extra big kudos for schlogging through my handwriting!

Credit: P Ricciardi

Credit: P Ricciardi

Credit: P Ricciardi

Credit: P Ricciardi

Afterwards, our lovely bridesmaids crew through us a great reception soirée back at our camp featuring amazing friends; Paella, and Champagne, and lovely hugs.

Tink and I had a wonderful day! Made even more special because of each of you. Blessings to you all of you come from a very special place in our hearts.

Credit: P Ricciardi

Next up! We are off to be legally married in Washington DC later this month [Yikes, just in a couple of weeks!]. We’ve engaged with Tiffany Newman to officiate for us while we’re there, NOT that it will be recognized here in Nevada anytime soon, but hey, look how far equality has come thus far! Every raindrop feeds the ocean, right?

Credit: P Ricciardi

Our friends have been sending more photos, so as they come in, I will add them to an album I’ll host somewhere. More than likely, I’ll post a link in the side-column for easy access. They’re great, as they keep the remembrances of these very special days ongoing.

Love and Blessings!!

From Mr & Mr Two Old Fairies

OMG! Illan Rivière !


Illan is an eighteen year old French tribal-fusion dancer who is mesmerizing. One to watch!


🙂 :: h/t to Meredith Yayanos @ Coilhouse.



Remembrance & dreams:

Do you recall where you were, and what you were doing when you learned the news 10 years ago?

An amazing shot posted by Brooklyn Theory:

Credit: Never Forget, NYC - Brooklyn Theory

Gaudi – Podcast “Burning Man 2011” Set

GAUDI – podcast “Burning Man 2011” by GAUDI

Split Tribal Fest Samantha Emanuel 2011 Improv Solo

Arrived in my inbox: Samantha Emmanuel Improv ar Split Tribal. More than a performer in my view – an artist, a dancer of art.