This is Aubrie, my new playa Steed/Stallion/Mare?! Fitted with curves and strength, she’s everything I could imagine or desire! Sleek- yet not ostentatious; dark & sultry – yet nothing of the brooding personality and narcissism you’d expect of one just starting out. She’s playa dream-wheels made real.

Full Disclosure: Aubrie entered my life via Black Rock Bicycles, by an attendee who couldn’t make it out his year, and may or may have not learned that my bike was “appropriated” last year. BRB, every year, out exceed their expectations on delivering the best quality bike sales or rentals to burners globally coming to our backyard for the festival. Randy is amazing, and will take reservations on rentals for those outside our area needing playa transportation. You wouldn’t believe the number of cycles they had!

🙂 :: Love and thanx to Debbi & Randy!!

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