22 years ago, the Sierra Safari Zoo opened its doors. It began as a collection of exotic animals by three close friends, Dave, Dale, and Jimmie after acquiring property just north of Reno.

Dave was killed in a tragic car crash some years ago; and Dale died suddenly last January in his sleep. It threw us all into a headspin. We miss him terribly.

Dale Snoggles Alfie

Above are Dale and Alfie [as a youngster], our Baboon King who is sire to all the babies we foster.  It’s great to see the reinforcement of affection that carries on with Alphie’s children; can’t tell you how good it feels when they respond with trust like this.

Dale was an educator, who taught special needs children in Carson City; and a passionate ambassador between his two loves by introducing children to some of the exotic animals of the world.

Tinker and I are preparing a tribute altar for Dale that we will be adding to the Temple of Transition this year out on the playa at Burning Man.


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