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We're off! and I so need it.

Gone Fishing

Now That’s A Look!

Super-post:  I am combining this week’s contribution to the That’s A Look! files with a submission of retrospective images of my soon-to-be husband, Jimmie R. Martin.  About this time next week we will be amidst our global friends in a ceremony to unite us for eternity.

And I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to post this priceless image:

Tinker, a well known staple of the Internationally renowned Reno Housewives Themed-Camp readies and primps to perform entroupe as bridesmaids at another Black Rock City wedding.  A stunning example of Haute Couture collision in the high desert.

Jimmie, a.k.a. “Tink”, was one of the original founders of the Sierra Safari Zoo in Reno.  We host, and are privileged care givers to over 150 guests, who are our extended family through good and challenging times.  Jimmie is an astute and dedicated papa, whose heart is as big as the universe. He’s an amazing man,  Lo amo caro!

We have a great community of human and non-human members – at the zoo AND out on the playa!

This year our campmates get to be “our” bridesmaids!  But, we’re still ready and raring to maid-it for all the other happy couples out there.  We love making processions through the dust, or is that we love making dust through processions!! 🙂

At the end of September we head off to Washington, DC for our legal wedding, but the important one will be here at home camping out amongst our spiritual siblings, and enjoying the joy.

I present my love and life-mate, Jimmie:

Jimmie, and Alfie as a baby

with friends

ear kisses and purrs

all smiles

More current photos will follow! See you when we get back.


Tempest Milky Way – Time-Lapse Shot During Storm

So Beautiful!

In The Garden With The Kids – Pt 3

Ashford & Simpson – Solid

RIP Nick Ashford, 1942-2011

Nick Ashford, who, side by side with his wife Valerie Simpson, co-wrote, “‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand,” “Solid As A Rock” and so many other Motown gems, died yesterday in Manhattan.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Unveiled

The MLK Memorial was released from its cage of scaffolding today in preparation for its ceremonial dedication amidst 4 acres of prime real estate in the National Mall – situated between the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials on August 28th. This dedication falls on the 48th anniversary of King’s delivery of his “I have a dream” speech from a spot nearby.

Sculpted by Master Lei Yixin of China, it stands 30 feet tall and is quite an impressive work of public art. The first non-white, non-presidential edifice on the mall – epic!

🙂 :: More photos at the Christian Science Monitor

Update: In light of Hurricane Irene that is looming towards/through the east coast, I heard recently that the dedication has been postponed.

Quixotic’s ‘Aquarium’

Okulus Anomali – Clock of the Long Now

“Clock of the Long Now” by Okulus Anomali by Okulus Anomali

“There is a huge Clock designed to tick for 10,000 years. Every once in a while the bells of this buried Clock play a melody. Each time the chimes ring, it’s a melody the Clock has never played before. The Clock’s chimes have been programmed to not repeat themselves for 10,000 years. Most times the Clock rings when a visitor has wound it, but … occasionally it will ring itself when no one is around to hear it. It’s anyone’s guess how many beautiful songs will never be heard over the Clock’s 10 millennial lifespan.”

🙂 :: Okulus Anomali on Soundcloud

Update: It’s been a number of years since I have looked into it, but the fullscale clock is now under construction in western Texas. The Long Now Foundation has purchased a mountain in eastern Nevada, but I’m not sure what type of installation will be built there.


🙂 :: Winner of Australian Dance Awards 2011 Outstanding Achievement in Choreography, Choreographer Rafael Bonachela collaborates with Music Composer Ezio Bosso; a symphony of dance, music and artistry performed by the Sydney Dance Company, with Video Art by Tim Richardson and Costume Design by Josh Goot – video by

The Temple Rises

Images of the Temple of Transition under construction and a few of the wonderful crew who are constructing it. More to be found via the Burning Blog.

🙂 :: The Burning Blog

Update: More images as it rises.

Ona Munson in “The Shanghai Gesture” 1941

🙂 :: Vintage Gal

My New Playa Transport

This is Aubrie, my new playa Steed/Stallion/Mare?! Fitted with curves and strength, she’s everything I could imagine or desire! Sleek- yet not ostentatious; dark & sultry – yet nothing of the brooding personality and narcissism you’d expect of one just starting out. She’s playa dream-wheels made real.

Full Disclosure: Aubrie entered my life via Black Rock Bicycles, by an attendee who couldn’t make it out his year, and may or may have not learned that my bike was “appropriated” last year. BRB, every year, out exceed their expectations on delivering the best quality bike sales or rentals to burners globally coming to our backyard for the festival. Randy is amazing, and will take reservations on rentals for those outside our area needing playa transportation. You wouldn’t believe the number of cycles they had!

🙂 :: Love and thanx to Debbi & Randy!!

Jewel of the Sierra 2011

For those not going out to the playa, here is an exciting event that you should consider attending:

🙂 :: Two full days expertly produced by our Tahoe Goddess Namira!

Lady Gaga – Yoü And I (Official Video)

Pyramid Lake Tribal Food Drive

Reposted via Camp Comfort & Joy:

Are you going to Burning Man?

As you drive through the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation, Look for Comfort & Joy’s bright Day-Glo flags decorating Taco Stands in Nixon & Wadsworth to easily find drop-off points for Food Donations… and amazing fresh Tacos.

On your way home from the Burn, Donate your leftover non-perishable camp food to local Paiute tribal charities helping foster children & victims of domestic violence.


(1) Nixon: Bunny’s Tacos
Serving Frybread / Veggie Tacos
Downtown Nixon – Approx 60 miles south of Gerlach
(Also be sure to visit the Tribal Mueseum in Nixon)

(2) Wadsworth: Elaine’s Stop
Serving Indian Tacos / Frybread / Taco Salad
1 Mile North of I-80, Exit 447

Be sure to support the tribe by buying gas & stopping for a Taco – they’re delicious!

You can also donate unwanted Bikes to tribal charities at these licensed food vendors. All food + bike donations are collected directly by tribal members & benefit local people in need.

In The Garden With The Kids – Pt 2


The dog [and baboon] days of Summer 2011.

In The Garden With The Kids – Pt 1


Now That’s A Look!

Playa Essentials – Sunscreen & shade:



Now That’s A Look!

Don’t forget shelter:

Tent wear


carriage wear

Now That’s A Look!

Playa cultural costumerie old & new

A Tribute Farewell

22 years ago, the Sierra Safari Zoo opened its doors. It began as a collection of exotic animals by three close friends, Dave, Dale, and Jimmie after acquiring property just north of Reno.

Dave was killed in a tragic car crash some years ago; and Dale died suddenly last January in his sleep. It threw us all into a headspin. We miss him terribly.

Dale Snoggles Alfie

Above are Dale and Alfie [as a youngster], our Baboon King who is sire to all the babies we foster.  It’s great to see the reinforcement of affection that carries on with Alphie’s children; can’t tell you how good it feels when they respond with trust like this.

Dale was an educator, who taught special needs children in Carson City; and a passionate ambassador between his two loves by introducing children to some of the exotic animals of the world.

Tinker and I are preparing a tribute altar for Dale that we will be adding to the Temple of Transition this year out on the playa at Burning Man.



I heart beautiful point!

Dancers are Richard Krush and Sylvie Guillem

Awesome Advice

Worthy advice for any artist: “10 Things You Can Do to Be a Better Burlesque Dancer” Excellent tip from Penny Starr Jr.

🙂 :: Spreading the word thanks to Megan Hartmann

Labyrinth Walk 2011

Thought that you all might be interested in this remembrance walk announcement. Seems fitting.

🙂 :: The Alliance for Victims’ Rights

Ana Carolina e Seu Jorge

My heart just melted. again.

alessandra ferri and sting

OMG 🙂 :: Alessandra Ferri


Hamed Nikpay – Beyond Reproach (Pand Az Koja)

🙂 :: The incomparable Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam. I worship this man!