Today feels ornamental, so to honor it here is a sampling of eyeball treasure:

Kate Moss by Annie Leibovitz - Paris, 1999

Pierre Dal Corso

Project Update: Managed to get beyond the paralysis of Saturday with the wedding coats, and managed to get one shell fully constructed as of last night. Took a long time! and I did triple, quadruple checks on myself before making every cut into the silk. Methinks I gave myself a good ol tension headache just by clenching my teef so hard!

Interesting process though, it’s my first foray into tailoring and I find it rather fascinating as well as a challenge. Good thing I have a fantastic mentor to help guide me along, otherwise I don’t think I’d have any hair left. It was she who convinced me to take an ordinary men’s suit jacket as the base for my concept, and has helped me visualize process.

One more outer shell, and then we tackle the Lining process!

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