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Careful now!

Plans Are Forming

This is the rendering of the Temple of Transition for this year. It is amazing conceptually, and by all accounts, will be a remarkable temporary structure.

Last week, Tink and I had dinner at Zagol, the only Ethiopian establishment in Reno where we met together with Lauren our wedding officiant, and Lee Ann my Best Man. Slow as we are in wrapping our brains around this event, it is beginning to congeal a bit and I do think we are making some progress. Yay! as there isn’t much time left.

After dinner we walked over to the warehouse where the bulk of the construction crew is busy assembling the components for the edifice and wow! what impressive organizing! The stained glass chandeliers, the gargoyles, the smells and sounds of sawdust and labor were redolent and intoxicating.

We learned that of the five satellite smaller temples, the topmost on the planview will be the “Temple of Union”. Which is where Tink, Lauren, and myself decided would be the location of our wedding. Yip!!

4:00pm, Friday September 2nd! And you are very welcome to join us!

The crew who were present during our visit were so warm and sweet, giving us the grand tour and showing us around the massive space, and even directing us upside to the loft where the scale model was on display. Loved it, and what an honor!

Time is ticking, and in 27 days we’ll be on our way. Yikes!

🙂 :: Temple 2011’s Flickr Photostream

Update P.S. – Forgot to mention that our camp was place a week or so ago and we’ll be right on the 9:00 Blvd @ G {Graduation} Street. Come on by and say Hey!

Unmata @ Reno’s Compression!

They are poetic and amazing! Amy’s workshops left me hungry for more, and that is exactly what I needed. Fascinating and mesmerizing.

Rug Rippin’

Rug Rippin’, posted with vodpod

🙂 :: Adham Shaikh Sonic Turtle & Ben Z Cooper

Mae West 1930

Balletboyz – The Talent

Balletboyz, posted with vodpod

Award-winning former lead dancers for The Royal Ballet, Michael Nunn and William Trevitt have had a dramatic impact on the British dance scene since they formed Balletboyz in 2001. With The Talent, they pass the baton on to a new generation in an evening of enthralling dance.

🙂 :: Sadler’s Wells – London’s Dance House



36 Days until he burns.

Claudio & Fernando – Yunta De Oro


Famine in East Africa

With East Africa facing its worst drought in 60 years, affecting more than 11 million people, the United Nations has declared a famine in the region for the first time in a generation. Overcrowded refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia are receiving some 3,000 new refugees every day, as families flee from famine-stricken and war-torn areas.


Reuters/Kabir Dhanji

Heartbreaking Famine in East Africa Photos.

New Scientist: Peanut butter to the rescue in Somalia famine? Somalia Minister warns of starvation in rebel controlled areas

🙂 :: IRC: 7 Ways the U.S. can fight drought in Africa.

UPDATE INFO: I’ve been addicted lately… – For each answer you get right, they will donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help ease world hunger.

All Is Not Lost – Official Video

The video of “All Is Not Lost,” created in collaboration by Pilobolus, YouTube sensation OK Go, and choreographer Trish Sie, is released TODAY on




hipSwitch @ Compression! 2011

🙂 :: More Compression! photo images by Nick

And another:

Jaume Plensa’s ECHO

She’s beautiful!

Watermark credit above

🙂 :: Madison Square Park

Now That’s A Look!

Peter Hujar: The Moroccan Bride, 1987

🙂 :: The Peter Hujar Archive

Wedding Day in NY

Today, same-gender couples celebrate marriage equality. Congratulations and blessings to all the lucky couples.

Rainbow Niagra

NY Freedom to Marry’s Michael Crawford is tweeting, including some great photos, from the scene in at City Hall Manhattan.

Sad Loss

Another very talented artist gone too soon!

Amy Winehouse, Pre-stardom | 1983-2011

🙂 :: Listen: “Back to Black

Francis Bacon: Portrait of Lucien Freud

Portrait of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon, 1973


🙂 :: Ananas à Miami

One of the great painters of our time, Lucian Freud, died Wednesday night at the age of 88.

Les Twins Dancing To Edit Ants

Amazing talents!



A week away from our performance, and I feel good about what we’ve got done!  If today’s rehearsal is an indicator, we will just drill, refine, and perfect.  Thanks to you all!!



Now That’s A Look!


Promo: Compression! Fire & Art Festival 2011‬‏


Feels Like Bling

Today feels ornamental, so to honor it here is a sampling of eyeball treasure:

Kate Moss by Annie Leibovitz - Paris, 1999

Pierre Dal Corso

Project Update: Managed to get beyond the paralysis of Saturday with the wedding coats, and managed to get one shell fully constructed as of last night. Took a long time! and I did triple, quadruple checks on myself before making every cut into the silk. Methinks I gave myself a good ol tension headache just by clenching my teef so hard!

Interesting process though, it’s my first foray into tailoring and I find it rather fascinating as well as a challenge. Good thing I have a fantastic mentor to help guide me along, otherwise I don’t think I’d have any hair left. It was she who convinced me to take an ordinary men’s suit jacket as the base for my concept, and has helped me visualize process.

One more outer shell, and then we tackle the Lining process!


Young man entertains fans at Safeco field:




Now That’s A Look!

Anna Pavlova as “Dragonfly” 1911

🙂 :: Anna Pavlova


Today was to be the day that I start building our wedding jackets. I’ve made the patterns, built three mockups; adjusted said pattern, purchased all the bits and bobs; ironed the patterns and the fabric, plotted out the course of action, etc… You get the gist.

Had planned to put everything into motion since six this morning…

I guess I’m scared to distraction about fouling it up. Telling myself that it’s okay, once I get started I’ll relax and it will flow. Yikes!

The Phoenix Haboob


A dust storm known as a “haboob” knocked out the power for nearly 10,000 customers in the Phoenix sprawl July 5th. I think the universe is angry about their racism.

🙂 :: Video by Mike Olbinski

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet‬‏



‪Raqs Britannia 2010‬‏

Samantha Emmanuel.  She’s stunning!



‪Gideon Obarzaneks Digital Moves‬‏

Hailed by The Australian as the countrys best modern dance company, choreographer Gideon Obarzaneks Chunky Move dazzles audiences with its use of site-specific installations and interactive sound and light technologies. Obarzanek’s avant-garde performances explore the tensions between the rational world we live in and richness of our imagination.



🙂 ::