Tamir Muskat,Tomer Yosef, and Ori Kaplan bring their BBB sound to a new level of fusion and excitement. A mixture of afro-reggae, rock, hiphop, gypsy band, flamenco, cumbia, and a pinch of Bulgarian salsa had me grinning throughout my first listen. Really like this one!

“War Again” is an asymmetrical bit of Balkan dancehall reggae with MC Tomer Yosef delivering a powerful plea for peace over the massed ompah of the Orkestar Jovica Ajdarevica brass band. Orkestar Jovica is also featured on a couple of instrumentals — “Balcumbia,” adds Arab, flamenco, and cumbia beats to the mix, while “Smatron” gives Orkestar members a chance to show off their chops with lengthy solos delivered over a smooth, funky reggae beat. The title track is a lullaby for Yosef’s new son, a lilting reggae rocker with some striking spaghetti western twang. The song’s message of tolerance for people of all ethnicities and colors is still more a prayer than a reality, but it’s a timely nod to the multi-cultural society we now inhabit.”

🙂 :: WeLove-Music

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