Azam Ali’s newest album “From Night To the Edge of Day” will be released on April 12th by Six Degrees Records. Beautiful Middle-Eastern Lullabies.

From her Artist’s page:

“Mothers have been singing, humming, soothing their children to sleep from time immemorial. Do not underestimate the power of the lullaby. When Azam Ali, the lead singer of the band Niyaz, became a mother in 2008, she felt that ancient pull. “I discovered that lullabies are so much more than just musical and rhythmic tools to soothe a child,” she explains. “They are in fact a powerful medium by which a mother can send direct messages to her child about life, nature, joy, pain, love, beauty, etc.”

This realization led to Azam Ali’s most personal, intimate album to date. From Night To the Edge of Day weaves traditional songs from around the Middle East into a nocturnal tapestry of electronics and traditional string and percussion instruments. Like a lullaby itself, this album is lovely, and comforting, yet tinged with melancholy. It is an acknowledgment of the sadness of the exile, and the universal wish that one’s child will grow up in a more peaceful world.”

🙂 :: You can listen to previews (and pre-order) of the album here: or read more about the artist and stream the tracks at:

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