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Frank Farinaro – Tribal Fest 2010


Frank Farinaro – Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Frank, a life-long dancer, is Colorado’s premiere male bellydancer. Over the past decade, Frank has trained in many contemporary and ethnic dance styles. Since 2005, Frank has performed and taught classes and workshops at events in over two dozen cities and eight states across the US. In 2009, Frank won Yaa Halla Y’all’s the People’s Choice Award Tribal/Alternative Star in Dallas, TX. He also received a standing ovation for his athletic solo at Tribal Fest 10. Frank’s current project is developing his signature Hammerhead Sharqi Dance Technique, a style of dance and dance instruction which focuses on artistic dance fusion, athletic body conditioning and new-age meditative practices.”

🙂 : More on Frank’s Face Book site.

Bandish Projekt – Brown Skin Beauty

🙂 : Featuring Last Mango in Paris.

Gaudi – Babylon Flamenco

Now That’s A Look!

The finery and the ears spell pure elegance.

Happy Earth Day!


Dance in honor of life.


Tribal Fest 11 is Fast Approaching

TRIBAL FEST 11: “It Goes To 11!” Nigel Tufnel, Spinal Tap
May 18-22, 2011

The Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris Street, Sebastopol, CA

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🙂 :: More Tribal Fest 11 info

Girl Talk at Wanderlust Festival in Tahoe


Girl Talk, the DJ, Mashup Remix artist a.k.a. Gregg Gillis will play the Wanderlust Festival, Lake Tahoe on July 30th.

🙂 :: info at JamBase


Will be playing the Grand Sierra Resort’s Grand Theatre and will feature Asha World Dancers as opening performers:



FRIDAY, MAY 13 AT 8PM (Grand Theatre)


“From under the shelter of world acoustic music’s canopy, live electronica has bred a new beast built of brass band and glitch, dubstep and glockenspiel: the musical trio Beats Antique.

The journey that led to Beats Antique was a winding and twisted path from the San Francisco bay area, to the ancient trade routes of the Silk Road. The influence of their phenomenon spans centuries, with a long line of musical history and innovation behind every note and gesture. In this modern incarnation, the musical alliance of producers David Satori and Tommy Cappel is inspired and emphasized by their collaborative partnership with world-renowned belly dance performer and music producer Zoe Jakes. All of this sets the scene for Beats Antique’s overtly ambitious stage show, a sensory overload conquest of the festival circuit’s most riotous events, such as Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits festival, and Outside Lands.”

🙂 :: Grand Sierra Resort for Tickets. ~ Asha World Dancers, and Buster Blue

Stephen Petronio Company

Sweet!! Just read on their website that the Stephen Petronio Company will be in Reno for the Artown Festival the 29th & 30th of July!

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A Xylophone In The Forest

An Ad, but it’s too cool!

Rube, posted with vodpod

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Fort Funston

A quick little video improv by Quinn Wharton at Fort Funston:

Fort Funston, posted with vodpod

🙂 :: He’s also a very talented photographer

Now That’s a Look!

Mata Hari : Margaretha Geertruida "Grietje" Zelle MacLeod

🙂 :: Hari Wiki

The World’s Day of Dance

Is coming soon! This year UNESCO’s International Day of Dance falls on a Friday. It would be wonderful to mark the day in some special way.

Here’s the official message for World Dance Day – 29 April 2011:


“For the greatest part of the history of mankind dance was taking place outdoors. People would gather in forest glades, village squares, churchyards, or on threshing floors, to enjoy dancing for hours on end. Nowadays dance is mostly taking place in ballrooms, clubs, theatres, school halls, studios and discotheques.

This year we propose making a step towards nature by celebrating World Dance Day in open spaces: streets, squares, parks, stadiums, beaches, parking lots, clearings – anywhere under the sky.

The urge to dance is a natural impulse, dancers worship nature in their way, they connect with the universe and feel its juices trickle into them.

All through the year we teach dance, we rehearse, we perform within four walls. On this special day dedicated to dance, let us mark the difference by practising, teaching or performing for everyone to see. It might be cold and rainy, the floor is certainly not good enough, the wind takes the music away, but the beauty in those movements and the joy on those faces will brighten the hearts of the spontaneous audience of passers-by.”

Prof. Alkis Raftis
President of the International Dance Council CID


And this beautiful quote from Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker and an excerpt from one of her pieces:

“I think dance celebrates what makes us human. When we dance we use, in a very natural way, the mechanics of our body and all our senses to express joy, sadness, the things we care about.

People have always danced to celebrate the crucial moments of life and our bodies carry the memory of all the possible human experiences. We can dance alone and we can dance together. We can share what makes us the same, what makes us different from each other.

For me dancing is a way of thinking. Through dance we can embody the most abstract ideas and thus reveal what we cannot see, what we cannot name.

Dance is a link between people, connecting heaven and earth. We carry the world in our bodies. I think that ultimately each dance is part of a larger whole, a dance that has no beginning, and no end.”



Still Unpacking…

Added a few albums and a video on the Traces page. Most you’ve seen before…

First Lady Michelle Obama Talks About the First Year of Let’s Move!

Set to launch nationally on the teevee machine May 3rd, the First Lady Michelle Obama has teamed up with Beyoncé on the 1st anniversary of her Let’s Move Campaign.

Filmed and choreographed at the Alvin Ailey Studios in NYC, this part of the campaign focuses on dance, and these kids are GREAT!

Now That’s A Look!

Marlene Dietrich, The Spoilers - 1942

🙂 :: Rides A Bike

Reno Dance Sensation Swing Show

Let’s SWING!

The 8th Annual Reno Dance Sensation
West Coast Swing Championships and Show

April 14-17, 2011

Grand Sierra Resort & Casino
2500 East Second Street
Reno, Nevada 89585

🙂 :: World Swing Dance Council & Reno Dance Sensation

From Night To The Edge Of Day

Azam Ali’s newest album “From Night To the Edge of Day” will be released on April 12th by Six Degrees Records. Beautiful Middle-Eastern Lullabies.

From her Artist’s page:

“Mothers have been singing, humming, soothing their children to sleep from time immemorial. Do not underestimate the power of the lullaby. When Azam Ali, the lead singer of the band Niyaz, became a mother in 2008, she felt that ancient pull. “I discovered that lullabies are so much more than just musical and rhythmic tools to soothe a child,” she explains. “They are in fact a powerful medium by which a mother can send direct messages to her child about life, nature, joy, pain, love, beauty, etc.”

This realization led to Azam Ali’s most personal, intimate album to date. From Night To the Edge of Day weaves traditional songs from around the Middle East into a nocturnal tapestry of electronics and traditional string and percussion instruments. Like a lullaby itself, this album is lovely, and comforting, yet tinged with melancholy. It is an acknowledgment of the sadness of the exile, and the universal wish that one’s child will grow up in a more peaceful world.”

🙂 :: You can listen to previews (and pre-order) of the album here: or read more about the artist and stream the tracks at:

That is a question posed by Safi Thomas over on his site a week ago, and It’s been floating around in the back of my mind ever since. He goes on to say:

“There are a multitude of methods over the past century that have been used to transcribe dance, from Labanotation (1928)to Vasyl Verkhovynets (1919) to Greenotation (1970’s for African Dance) to the BLADE Dance Technique® (1990 for hip-hop dance). All are varying in execution yet all came as a result of not having a standard way of being able to write movement.

The idea of transcribing dance is centered upon being able to show a movement’s placement within time —or relative to the music— as well as being able to have a reference point for shape and dynamic. So that a dancer or choreographer can preserve their work in lieu of a visual reference.

To do so requires an understanding of music theory, anatomy, kinesiology and dance theory. The combination of this knowledge lends itself to our understanding of how the body works and allows us to record our movement patterns or even the particulars of the dance and its social roots. The possibilities are endless!

As dancers, we have a responsibility to transcribe and share our art, so that future generations will have the ability to access our concrete experience. This knowledge is necessary for the authentic proliferation of the art. Unfortunately not many choreographers or dancers within hip-hop dance have this knowledgebase, yet it is vital to the future of the art-form”

All of this I agree with, and expanded to include all dance forms for legacy purposes.

I have to admit to a longstanding fascination with dance notation. Back in the day, when I was 17 or 18, I had been hired to re-create the Broadway choreography for Fiddler on the Roof for a local Jewish Community Center in Scranton, PA – where I briefly lived. It was a very interesting gig. The community center had received the royalty rights to mount the production, and as a part of the obligation, we were given a bound volume of the book that contained all sanctioned staging and dance choreographies. It was gold! And also an extreme challenge to decipher the notations, and decode the historical intentions of the artist who created the moves; as well as the historical context from which the movements derived. It was awesome! And exasperating all at once. I wondered at the time, whether there might be a better more universal manner of transcribing a three-dimensional art form onto a sheet of paper, to then be recreated three-dimensionally in someone else’s mind or imagination. Written notations are a challenge after all since a single move can have so many names, or descriptions dependent on whose school you learned from. Is there a perfect universal notation system for the body like musical notations?

Over the years I’ve looked into some of the above mentioned systems, none of which I find elegant for their universality. I think that is why I’m drawn to the newer forms of recording technologies and dance for camera/film explorations, but then, that would require that everyone had access to those same tools.

Can you write dance?

Update: An interesting after-thought occurred to me once this was posted. A number of months ago I was having this conversation with another dancer, who is also a talented choreographer, and she summed up my interest in dance codification as “a very male trait”. Thoughts?

Rerezzed: Legacy – The Glitch Mob / Daft Punk Derezzed Remix Music Video

Best Birthday Gift

The best birthday gift to myself -ever- was running off to Sacramento last night to see Hot Pot Studio’s Spring Student Showcase that featured intro students in Fusion and Improv classes, as well as Unmata’s Street Team, and Verbatim troupes, and the inimitably awesome UNMATA.

It was stellar! Each and every one of the performers was fab, and we were witness to a beautiful brand new choreographic piece performed by everyone together.

Drove home in pure dance elation. Thank you Amy, Shelly, Rebecca, Sarah, Natasha, Lorenzo, and all our Hot Pot friends! And Lee Ann, Gemi, Margie, and Mona for being my birthday dates. The Best!!

Now That’s A Look!

20s Silent Film Star - Rudolph Valentino

🙂 :: Rudolph Valentino wiki


“The Music Box” – Daniel Cloud Campos

🙂 :: Smooth