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The Light We Bring EP

Love and Light – The Light We Bring EP by Simplify Recordings

Beyond Technique Workshop

A Very Dangerous Pastime

This is too funny!! A Very Dangerous Pastime is a 14-minute award-winning video that aims to reveal the “secret” of looking at contemporary dance. Directed by filmmaker Laura Taler of Grimm Pictures Inc., A Very Dangerous Pastime is a humorous and textured collage of dance film, vintage footage, and interviews with well-known Canadian actors, athletes and musicians. It is designed to awaken our interest in contemporary dance and provide tools to help audiences enjoy dance in its many forms. Ultimately, this video shows that we all have an innate ability to relate to and appreciate dance.

A Very Dangerous Pastime premiered at the 2000 edition of the Canada Dance Festival and has been broadcast on Bravo!

Click to watch the video

Credits: A Very Dangerous Pastime
Canada Dance Festival

Producer: Canada Dance Festival, in association with Grimm Picture Inc.
Director: Laura Taler
Executive producer: Cathy Levy
Producers: Allison Lewis, Laura Taler
Editor: Vesna Svilanovic
Sound editor: Phillip Strong

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Now That’s A Look!

Jean Simmons 1948

🙂 :: There are a host of incredible images of “Ophelia Through the Years” @ Vintage Photos

Can You Out Dance Kylie?

Yes I know, this is everywhere these days, but I couldn’t resist.

Hossam Ramzy: “It will be spectacular”

“Perfection takes time.”

The King of Percussion’s new project, ten years in the making, is set to drop this year featuring some of the world’s finest musicians, A. R . Rahman, Billy Cobham, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Manu Katche, Joji Hirota, Nahini Doumbia and many others. Keep your eyes peeled.

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The Aurora by Terje Sorgjerd

Gorgeous footage of an Aurora Borealis in Norway on the Russian border:

The Aurora, posted with vodpod


Les Twins


Fantastic Moves.
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Unmata’s Spring Birthday Bash

Prepping for Vacation

Just finished one of the two major grant reports I needed to get off before leaving for Santa Fe on Wednesday.  One down, one more to go!

So you all know, Debbie Lammam will be teaching class next Monday for me, 03.21.11 and I am extremely grateful.  She’s wonderful, and you couldn’t have a better experience!

Thank you to our newest students… I’m so grateful that you stopped by.  Explore, entice, and enumerate your needs –  get what you want out of the art is the most important thing!

I should be back on the 22nd, but am alway available via text or email.  You all looked awesome tonight! so I look forward to seeing you in a coupla weeks [the 28th for sure] to gain more ground.  have lots of fun in the mean time.


Now That’s A Look!

Had a lovely time hanging out with very lovely folk in the Bay Area over the weekend so I didn’t get this posted on time…  Toast!  It’s Spring in northern CA, had to chain-up the tires coming over the Sierras, and I’m ready for a little road-trip to New Mexico…

Tribal Fusion Star Vorobiova @ Gala Tribal Fusion Fest

Galina Vorobiev. Love her arm work! So articulate and powerful.


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Magnitude 8.9 Earthquake Slams Japan’s Eastern Coast Friday



Magnitude 8.9 earthquake slammed Japan’s eastern coast Friday, unleashing a 13-foot tsunami that swept boats, cars, buildings and tons of debris miles inland.
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Nafoura Online E-Magazine

An International Belly Dance Magazine.

Click the image to read their online E-mag:

Joie de Vie by Mira Betz and Elizabeth Strong


Project Tempo: Ain’t Nobody

Rufus & Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody Project Tempo Re-edit by Project Tempo

Now That’s A Look!

Ruth St Denis

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La Preuve par 4 @ Juste Debout 2010 | YAK FILMS | Paris FRANCE PRE-SELECTIONS SHOW Hip Hop New Style

La Preuve Par 4’s performance at the 2010 Juste Debout, an international street dancing competition in France. La Preuve Par 4 is comprised of two members of R.A.F. crew (winners of the 2009 World Hip Hop Championships) and two members of the Swaggers crew. The music was composed and remixed for them by soFly.

Watch the 2010 Hip Hop Champions

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Santa Fe: Invaders of the Heart

Leaving in a few weeks to visit lovely Santa Fe, and spend the week-end with two remarkable women: Myra Krien and Amy Sigil!

Zoe Jakes at the Massive Spectacular 2010

Well of Course!

It’s not a real Quinceañera until the Cholos arrive!  I wonder who chose the Bhangra music?


The Art of Music Video

Montage tribute to Mark Romanek.