The People have won their freedom


Natacha Atlas and Basha Beats “Rise to Freedom” Remix

Natacha Atlas and Basha Beats- Egypt – Rise to Freedom by SixDegreesRecords


Mubarak : “My fellow citizens.. A fine line lies between freedom… and chaos.”

Natacha :

Let us stand together and awaken ,
Let us question, learn and study;
Listen, understand and think.
Let us understand,
Permit us to know-
Permit us to know freedom.

Let us know there is a land
where words are the purveyors of truth,
heads are held high,
And human will is regarded above all.

Where the world is not split into a thousand fragments,
Under siege, forgotten, or lost –
Let us perceive of it,
Let us know that place.
Let us know our land,
where words are the purveyors of truth.

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