Myra Krien just released the announcement for the upcoming annual “Invaders of the Heart” showcase concert presented by Pomegranate Sudios and Mosaic Dance Co! The show will be held at the James A Little Theatre March 18th and 19th @ 7pm.

I traveled to see this extravaganza last year and it was phenomenal with Arish Lam, and so well worth the effort to get there.  They just seem to get better and better!  All of Myra’s troupes perform, so there are nearly 100 talented dancers onstage throughout, and the production an amazing creative spectacle.

This year’s featured guest artist is the incomparable Amy Sigil & UNMATA for the show, and who will conduct two 2-hour workshops:

“Fast like a Nascar” – Saturday, March 19 from 1:30 – 3:30pm
“Hi, my name is Improvisational Tribal Style, ITS nice to meet you!” – Sunday, March 20, 11am – 1pm

Am SO looking forward to this one!

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