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My Year-end Film List

Don’t get a chance to get out much, so when things slow down a bit like they always do this time of year, I get a chance to watch some of the films that I’ve run across, or that I’ve had on my list for awhile.

Most entertaining by far was Micmacs, the 2009 film by French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet.  Haven’t had so much fun watching a film in a long time.  Then again, I don’t watch much on a regular basis.

The original French title is Micmacs à tire-larigot, (‘Non-stop shenanigans’), and it was billed as a satire revolving around the “world arms trade”.  Synopsis here.

Love the way Juenet populates his films’ universe with such incredibly vivid, and lovable characters by extremely talented performers. Truly, I don’t think I’ve seen a Jeunet film with a bad cast.  This one will be an annual recurring holiday fare I think, for just its proper mixture of fun and subversive anti-schmatlz. I love it!  Favorite Line: “Ok, leave it in.  He’ll drive airport security wild.”

Oh yea, The other films I got around to seeing were [no order]:

  • Latter Days (2003 – C. Jay Cox),
  • Broken Embraces (2009 – Pedro Almodóvar),
  • A Single Man (2009 – Tom Ford),
  • Do Começo ao Fim (2009 – Aluizio Abranches),
  • A Very Long Engaement (2004 – Jean-Pierre Jeunet),
  • Centurion (2010 – Neil Marshall),
  • Burnt Money (2000 – Marcelo Piñeyro),
  • The City of Lost Children (1995 – Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Marc Caro).
  • The Fall (2006 – Tarsem Singh) ~ !!!

Niyaz – Allahi Allah

Now That’s A Look!

Hope you’re having a grand and dress festive season!

This time of year folks go all-out.

Happy Season!

What ever you celebrate – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, rite of Dinoysus, Saturnalia, Festivus, here’s hoping your Winter Season is Fantabulous!

Lake Tahoe Milky Way Night Time Lapse by Justin Majeczky

Lake Tahoe Milky Way Night Time Lapse By Justin Majeczky
– Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

🙂 :: Justin’s Vimeo

Watch: Leann Rimes Chokes Up Singing ‘The Rose’ for Bullied Gay Teens at the Gay Men’s Chorus of L.A.

🙂 :: Love U !

Been There, Done That

Camille A Brown!  She’s Awesome!!

Happy Solstice

🙂 :: Winter Solstice

Transnational Dubstep Teaser



Transnational Dubstep is the first major compilation to document the fusion of dubstep and global roots music. It has been conceptualised & compiled by co-owner/editor & the driving force behind the Generation Bass blog, DJ UMB in cooperation with Six Degrees Records. The record pulls together some of the most exciting new producers in electronic music who are incorporating sounds from around the planet with the bass bin shaking thump of dubstep.

By utilizing influences from Cumbia to Balkan- Chinese to Indian- Middle Eastern to Japanese- the songs on this unique collection represent the cutting edge vanguard of a whole new electronic sub-genre that is ready to capture the ears and imaginations of listeners world-wide.

🙂 :: h/t – Global Noize

Shpongle & ArcheDream for Humankind

🙂 :: ArcheDream for Humankind & Shpongle perform @ Masquerade Atlanta 2009

Bellydance Horror Flick

The Indigo AND Bela Lugosi!

With 1932 footage of White Zombie, Bryan Boyce concocts this glorious footage which includes Rachel, Mardi, and Zoe alongside Bela Lugosi featuring music by Dan Cantrell and the Toids’ “Whisper Hungarian in My Ear” – a long time favorite.

🙂 :: I had always guessed that Rachel was susceptible to Fire, or was that maybe Bela’s eyebrows!

Time For Some Sci-Fi Bollywood

Now That’s A Look!

Photograph of the four Swallows from the Guy Little Collection of C19th theatrical photographs held in the Theatre & Performance Collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum

Filmography 2010

Trey McIntyre Project Profiled on PBS

Click the image to watch

PBS’s Jeffrey Brown profiles how a leading dance company and the small western city of Boise, Idaho are learning to move together through an unexpected partnership.

🙂 :: The Trey McIntyre Project Website

Fuka Fuka! Djossi Drum & Dance Class

Are you ready to drum and dance?

Master drummer and dancer Mailly “Francis”  Tagba, the leader of Gboz, teaches a new Drum and Dance class every Tuesday from 6:30 – 7:30pm at ACHIEVE Fitness Studios. Classes are $10. 600 S Center Street, Reno.

I heard the amazing drumming while a was prepping to teach a class and the rhythms were intoxicating. Looks like so much fun! Took a similar class while in Santa Fe last Spring and it IS quite a workout.

Photo by Kazue Kurebayashi

Not To Be Missed – Ailey II

From The Artown Newsletter this morning:

Ailey® II, January 25 – Grand Sierra Resort’s Grand Theatre, 8PM
Tickets $25, $35 or $45
Purchase online, by phone at 800.648.3568 or in person with no service fees at the Grand Sierra Resort Box Office.

Ailey II is universally renowned for merging the spirit and energy of the country’s best young dance talent with the passion and creative vision of today’s most outstanding emerging choreographers. The evening’s repertoire includes the renowned Revelations , created by Alvin Ailey in 1960 and an exploration of grief and joy. Taking a journey through African-American spiritual music, the performance is a dance on land and water told in three sections—“Pilgrim of Sorrow,” “Take Me to the Water” and “Move, Members, Move.” Read more about Revelations in the New York Times . Additional works performed include Splendid Isolation II, The Calling and The Hunt. Read more about Ailey II and purchase tickets.


This is absolutely stunning!

🙂  ::  h/t No Expectations + a review in NYT Dance

December Doings

Well okay, here is a recap of the last few weeks that have been amazing:

Gina’s workshop at the beginning of the month was fantastic!  True to her mentor’s – Suhaila Salimpour’s form, the class moved, moved, moved, and was really quite a workout.  Lot of aerobic strengthening, and a lot of floor work with traveling moves that I also really, really enjoy.  My leg and arm muscles got a pretty good workout, but I was amply prepared having taken Debby’s class [ Gina’s mom ] earlier in the week.

Could not stay too long at the workshop as our SEEDlings were preparing for their very first recital for their families that very same afternoon.  OMG!  They looked and performed amazingly!  They were poised and in control, and although they were extremely nervous – they rallied like little troopers.  Grateful thanks to Lee Ann, Gemini, Margie, Nicole, and Mona for helping the girls get dressed and ready!

There were close to 30 in our studio audience, invited friends and family which gave us an opportunity to talk again about the program, and run through a very short mini class where the girls displayed what and how they are learning.  We even got our zills out to demonstrate their budding skills.  Am so very proud!

Taxed my hip [again] after injuring it this past summer, so when Monday rolled around I was back at the Chiropractor’s to get some relief and real bodywork done.  Went to see a specialist and he was amazing!!!  Cannot recommend him enough.  Felt so well that by Wednesday, Gemini and I made plans to travel over the Sierra’s to take two classes with UNMATA.

Wow! is all that I can say.  It was cool just seeing everyone again – Amy, Shelly, Anastasia, Lorenzo, and to have the wonderful experience at Hot Pot.  Shelly taught Intro to Hot Pot Fusion class; and Amy taught Beginning Fusion.  So worth the drive; and so worth the effort to reach outside our box.  The learning was incredible.

Last night, hipSwitch and the SEEDlings performed before a very grateful and welcoming audience – my company’s annual Holiday Fete for all of our volunteers, staff, and Board of Directors.  They ate it up!  This marked the first request of, and the very first public display for our SEED teens.  Great dinner, great company, and great entertainment value for all involved.  Video camera didn’t work out again, although I had preplanned and thought I had all kinks worked out, the tech-gods saw otherwise.  Fortunately one of the mom’s had a video camera, so we may have the event documented yet.

Case of the appropriated hip scarf solved! Thanks LAMmy!!

Annie, Emily, Jenny, and Karla

Da Crue: Lisa, Nicole, ?, Margie, Gemini, Mona, Caroline, and the SEEDlings

Now That’s A Look!

Keeping with the ornamental theme that seems to suit the season, here is a colorized vintage showgirl.

Although, now that I look at it again, the green shoes do seem a bit over the top…  what do you think?

Eskmo ‘We Got More’ (Official Video)

Cyriak Harris made a bizarre music video for “We Got More” by Eskmo using animated video clips.

Goodbye: Tribute to Teresa Butz

Beautiful tribute:

The gift of music is not that it helps us to forget, but that it allows us endure. Watch Grammy Award winner Norbert Butz, Jr. perform “Goodbye,” a tribute to his sister Teresa Butz, a victim of rape and murder. “Goodbye” is one of 12 tracks featured on The Angel Band Project, the second benefit cd for The Voices and Faces Project, an award-winning non-profit documentary project created to bring the names, faces and stories of victims of sexual violence to the attention of the public. Thank you in advance for supporting the fight to end sexual violence by downloading or purchasing this powerful tribute to Teresa Butz.

Going All Out

Going All Out, posted with vodpod

🙂 :: All Out Org


Moments on Vimeo, posted with vodpod

Wow! I love this. Very inspiring.

🙂 :: Everynone

Now That’s A Look!

Reminds me of a Christmas Tree. 🙂


They were amazing! Our dAdima SEEDs students held a very small recital of their dance accomplishments to-date this afternoon for family & friends and they were just stupendous! I am so very proud and grateful to everyone for their support.

More later when I’m not so wiped out. So here’s a snap that marks our first.

Lee Ann, Jenny, Emily, Annie, Gemini, Karla

Sea of Dreams NYE 2011

This will be massive!

Anon Salon presents their annual New Year’s Eve extravaganza, Sea of Dreams GalaxSea.  Featuring Thievery Corporation!

Held at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center, this massive complex is transformed into an ocean of installation art, performance and amazing music.

Thievery Corporation

Featured acts include: Balkan Beat Box, Modeselektor, Beats Antique, MiMoSA, Lucent Dossier Experience, Dgiin, LowRIDERZ, Elite Force, Meat Katie, Motion Potion, Syd Gris, Dex Stakker, Drew Drop, Gaudi, Govinda, Joro Boro, and Feral.

Get your tickets now at EventBrite.

This event is 18+
Date & Time: ?December 31st – 9pm-5am
Venue: San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center, 635 8th St., San Francisco, CA  94103
Tickets are on sale now for $82.00 + $7.50 fee