“This recital work, choreographed by Donna Mejia, was performed in the 2008 Faculty Dance Concert for Smith College in Northampton, MA. The music is “Wonder” by Lynx (ASCAP fees paid). Backdrop Images of traditional Ottoman textiles used by permission of Interlink Publishing. Ensemble: Cyndal Ellis, Jericha Senyak, Katrina Totten, Zoe Kantor, Kira Disen, Annie Parker, Laura Markis, Aiden Bartelt, Chelsea Wise, Leah Moriarty, Bethany Luisos, Sandra Vega and Cecily Parker. Soloist: Donna Mejia and Mohammadreza Moradi.

The dance seeks common denominators between Persian, Turkish and Arab vernacular while dialoging with the electronic accents in the music.”

~ Donna Mejia

🙂 :: OMG!  I worship Donna, and could just feast on watching her dance!

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