For the next two weeks I’ll be offline as we’ll be out in the desert for the Burning Man Festival.  I will see you on the other-side!

Post Artown, I’ve been busy busy with preps and the reconstruction of my Vardo – sort of a glorified wagon for carting out our camps’ bikes & sundry gear…  We are collectively known as the Reno Housewives, and this year we number 18, so between all of our gear, we needed a trailer just to cart out our bikes for the lot of us. Look for us at 9:00 and G streets!

Here are a few snaps – still under construction – of “Nata” Vardo 2.0.  She needed a lot of re-build after last year’s adventures:

Still have a lot more to do, but the roof is back on and I’m feeling excited, so I thought I’d share while I still have some energy.

Off to pack, pack, pack!!!

See you after 09.10.10,

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