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Playa Ho! Burning Man here we come!!

For the next two weeks I’ll be offline as we’ll be out in the desert for the Burning Man Festival. Β I will see you on the other-side!

Post Artown, I’ve been busy busy with preps and the reconstruction of my Vardo – sort of a glorified wagon for carting out our camps’ bikes & sundry gear… Β We are collectively known as the Reno Housewives, and this year we number 18, so between all of our gear, we needed a trailer just to cart out our bikes for the lot of us. Look for us at 9:00 and G streets!

Here are a few snaps – still under construction – of “Nata” Vardo 2.0. Β She needed a lot of re-build after last year’s adventures:

Still have a lot more to do, but the roof is back on and I’m feeling excited, so I thought I’d share while I still have some energy.

Off to pack, pack, pack!!!

See you after 09.10.10,

Myra Krien is coming to Reno!

In honor of Hathor, Mistess of Heaven, Goddess of Love, Music, and Dance we bring to you the Founder Director of Pomegranate Studios and the Mother of the Pomegranate SEEDs Program {Self-Esteem, Empowerment, & Education through Dance}.

Please join us for a Solstice Festival feast for the eyes, as Myra is a beauty to behold!

Deagon: “Escaping the Switzerland of the Soul”

Andrea Deagon, Ph.D., has written a thought provoking article posted in the July  Gilded Serpent , entitled “Belly Dance in Patriarchy: Escaping the Switzerland of the Soul“. The title derives from a quote by Orson Welles via a character in a 1949 film classic, which distilled, boils down to: that through strife and upheaval art flourishes, and that in relative complacency it stagnates.

In her article, Deagon offers a lens/mirror onto the many common cultural assumptions, archetypes, and myths that our community promotes and has long held dear. I found it an interesting beginning for a much needed discussion.

To quote a bit from Jennifer’s post at the ORIENTALiSH :: πŸ™‚ :: who pointed me towards the piece: “The use of goddess imagery is questioned, the uncomfortable conundrum between being drawn to belly dance for its acceptance of body types and learning quickly that what sells is typical slender good looks that meet a stereotype, the “dumbing down” of belly dance as it becomes more popular, and the belly dance scene’s commodity driven belittling of Arab culture.

Deagon concludes her piece with a bit of a challenge about the direction of the art: “Ultimately, our artistry depends on honesty: honest acknowledgement of the ways in which gender affects and inhibits our modes of expression – honesty about how we value youth, beauty, and erotic display, and honesty about whether what we are doing is really feminine, or something more challenging and complicated” … “Nothing truthful can emerge from self-deception and if there is one thing the best dancers of Middle Eastern patriarchies have shown us, it is that the core of belly dance resides in the lived, felt, courageous truths it can tell.

Read it for yourself, as I’d be very interested in your own thoughts.

Eskmo – Cloudlight (Official Video)

First single on Ninja Tune from new label signee Eskmo (aka Brendan Angelides). ‘Cloudlight’ is released 6 September – a song that somehow manages to rope together the aesthetics of glitch, dubstep and r&b.

πŸ™‚ :: Eskmo

Ellen Recreates Alex’s SYTYCD Dance


Burning Man Film Fest – Reno

The Knitting Factory is proud to host the official Burning Man Film Festival/Playa Launch Party on Thursday, August 19th from 4 -10pm. Proceeds Benefit The Installation of DUEL Nature By Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF), And Burning Man’s Regional Tribe.

Georgian Dance Theatre Legacy

The LXD: Elliot’s Shoes

Elliot is off the wall incredible!

“Sometimes the path chooses the hero”


πŸ™‚ :: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers – LXD & Hulu

on this planet (excerpts)

πŸ™‚ ::  Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet,
Artistic Director: Benoit-Swan Pouffer

Incredible dancers! You can find more beautiful video here.

Baglama Boxer — Music by Stereognosis

πŸ™‚ :: Stereognosis the hybrid

Hofesh Shechter ‘Uprising’

πŸ™‚  :: Hofesh Shechter Company

Layering & Taqseem with Gina

Belly Dance workshop with Gina Bruno on Saturday, October 2. It will be held at Transformations Gym in South Reno, from 1:00-3:00 and will be $30 at the door, $25 in advance. She will be teaching layering and taqseem – fun, hot choreography – don’t miss it!


πŸ™‚ :: UNMATA has a HotPot Channel on YouTube!!


Twitch and Greenz

Twitch and Greenz, posted with vodpod