The BIGGEST Bay Area Tribal Fusion Belly Dance urban retreat – SF Mecca Immersion!

It’s called SF Mecca Immersion because San Francisco is the heartland of American Tribal belly dance and of Tribal Fusion belly dance, and the Mecca of where it all began. It is also home to some of the world’s most sought-after talent spanning the mediums of dance, music, costumery, stage production, and fusion creation, who are coming together for one big blow-out event to bring you the most cutting-edge, ‘next-level’ immersion experience.

Zoe Jakes *Kami Liddle *Jill Parker *Carolena Nericcio* Jamila Salimpour* Deb Rubin * Cera Byer*Damange Control Dance Theater *Lee Kobus *Faisel Zedan *Dena Martinez *Medina Maitreya*RUPA & THE APRIL FISHES *MWE *L’anonyme Collective *DJ Dragonfly*and Tobias of the YARD DOGS ROAD SHOW! for all info, tickets to the show, and workshop registration.

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